Sunday, February 22, 2015

French Cuirassiers, WIP III

Here are the trumpeters for the two regiments.  I took some liberties with the 9th Cuirassiers trumpeter, combining two different schemes for different musicians from 1805-9.  The 2nd Cuirassiers trumpeter is painted straight.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

French Cuirassiers, WIP II

I broke the bank on these figures, so I am taking my time and enjoying them.  Here are two squadron commanders of the 2nd and 9th Cuirassier regiments.  Everyone knows what sculpting geniuses the Perrys are, but they really outdid themselves with these.  I love the figures.

I have been using one of the best uniform references I have ever found.  It has great information about every little detail of every regiment!

Friday, February 13, 2015

French Cuirassiers, WIP

I finished painting all my Greek light troops (112 of them), and I needed a distraction while basing.  These Perry Miniatures French cuirassiers fit the bill.

I have about 30 of these figures to paint.  I finished two riders in about three hours last night.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

15mm Ancient Greek Cavalry

Classical Greek armies didn't make much use of cavalry on the battlefield, using them to harass light troops on the flanks and to mop up broken phalanxes.  It would take Philip II of Macedon to introduce actual shock cavalry to the battlefield.

These figures are all Old Glory.  The command stands are mounted generals, but as Greek generals fought in the front line of the phalanx, I used these to eke out a couple more stands of cavalry.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Men of Bronze

This was a pretty big project, not so much in number of figures (there are 352 painted figures here), but in detail on each.  I wanted my Greek hoplites to look the part, so I painted the alternating bands of colors on helmet crests, hand painted designs on each shield, and painted patters on shield rims.  I'm happy with the result.

All figures are Old Glory 15mm.  The bases are Litko.  I based the shield designs on Little Big Men Studios' excellent transfers.  If I were doing this project all over again, I would just buy the transfers!




I have 24 cavalrymen based and should have pictures on the blog in the next few days.  Then I have about 100 light troops to paint.  I am waiting on some Spartan hoplites from Xyston to come in the mail.  Once they are done, this army will be finished!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Retrospective

It was a quiet year on the blog, but a productive year at the painting desk.  I had a busy year away from the hobby, with a change in career and a new baby.

Although I managed only 20 posts this year, I did finish an impressive amount of figures.

28mm Foot: 91
28mm Mounted: 34
15mm Foot: 1089
15mm Mounted: 194
15mm Limbers: 24
15mm Wagons: 3
15mm Guns: 48
15mm Damaged Gun Markers: 12
15mm Horses: 88

15mm Ancient Greeks, 72 hoplites (with a few hundred more getting close to the finish line).

15mm Napoleonic British, 40 highland infantry, 80 line infantry.
15mm Napoleonic French, 4 infantry.
15mm Napoleonic Spanish, 7 mounted generals.

15mm ACW Union, 140 infantrymen, 84 gunners, 12 limbers, 16 limber riders, 23 limber horses w/o riders, 25 limber horses w/ riders, 24 guns.
15mm ACW Confederates, 466 infantrymen, 72 gunners, 15 hospital staff, 84 dismounted cavalry, 108 mounted cavalry, 41 horses without riders, 30 mounted officers, 12 limbers, 16 limber riders, 24 limber horses w/ riders, 24 limber horses w/o riders, 2 wagons, 1 ambulance, 24 guns, 12 damaged gun markers.

28mm ACW Confederates, 32 mounted cavalrymen
28mm ACW Union, 2 mounted generals, 1 casualty marker

28mm WWII Americans, 46 infantrymen
28mm WWII Germans, 44 infantrymen

Almost all of my painting time was taken up with my 15mm ACW project.  I cranked out my entire Confederate army and made good progress on my Union troops.

I am surprised that I broke 100 28mm figures this year.  It seemed like I was only painting 15mm, but a few side projects in the larger scale helped break the monotony.  My total Analogue Hoobies Scoring System point for the year were only 4,327, a drop from last year, but the quality of my painting was very high.  I enjoyed my hobby more this year than I have for quite a while.

In 2015 I hope to finish my Greek hoplite army then finish a Persian army for them to fight.  I also plan to finish my ACW Union army.  After that, I may return to Napoleonics for a while.

Happy new year!