Friday, October 14, 2016

Giant Commission -- Cossacks

This morning I put the finishing touches on the first cavalry for Glenn's Russian army.  Here are 66 Cossacks.  I tried to vary the trousers a bit to give them a motley touch, but they are mostly well uniformed.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Show Off the Good Stuff 2016

Yesterday I loaded up my dad and my son in the car and drove them to Moscow for the 22nd annual "Show Off the Good Stuff," our local model club's show.

I don't get nearly as much time to model as I would like, but I was able to finish three vehicles and a diorama this year, and, for the first time ever, a plane. I brought home three plaques, "Best Allied WWII Armor," "Best German WWII Armor," and "Best Diorama." 

My son entered a bunch of dinosaurs that he built this year, and my daughter entered her Roman legionary.

It was a long day and tons of fun. My dad got to bring his grandson to the University of Idaho homecoming parade, My boy was able to build two more models at the show, and I had a chance to catch up with friends and see about 100 outstanding models.

Best Diorama -- "Liberation, Sept. 1944" It is all 1/35 scale. I used a street facade from MiniArt, a Dragon M4 Sherman with lots of Resin upgrades, and figures from six different manufacturers.

An armored infantry corporal marches four Wehrmacht prisoners past the crowd.

Grateful Frenchmen cheer on the US troops.

This little girl looks just like my daughter, right down to the crossed arms and scowl. While I was building the diorama, my daughter kept saying, "that's me!"

I based the tank's markings on those of a 4th Armored Division Sherman.

The Culin device on the front of the tank allowed it to slice through Normandy hedgerows. The tank crewmen got replacement resin heads from Hornet. I added wiring for the headsets and microphones.

My son and I built and painted this 1/35 scale Jeep in one day back when he had pneumonia. I entered it in the adult category, and it got a silver ribbon. Not bad!

My daughter's 1/32 scale Roman legionary won Best Wargaming Figure in the adult category! It may have helped that it was the ONLY entry in that category, but don't tell herthat! She was bursting with happiness!

Best WWII Allied Armor, a 1/48 scale M10 Tank Destroyer. I'll be using this for gaming, so it was built and painted with durability in mind.

The winter whitewash paint job will be perfect for my Battle of the Bulge gaming project.

I love these little Tamiya kits. This was about a three hour build, and the paint job only took two days.

I used the hairspray method to make the whitewash look distressed, then I weathered with oil paints. Finally I added some very watered down white oil paint to make the streaking less pronounced.

Best WWII German Armor, a 1/35 scale Dragon Panther G with Tamiya tank commander.

This kit was built straight out of the box. Those are individual plastic track links.

This was one of the very last German tanks to roll of the production lines. I used Silly Putty to mask the hard edged camouflage.

I painted the tank commander's face in oils, but everything else was acrylics

The kit had amazing details. I used a #2 lead pencil to silver the tow cable and tracks.

I used an oil pin wash on the recessed details.

Dragon 1/35 scale M4A3 76(W) Sherman, gold ribbon winner.

This was Creighton Abrams's tank during the Battle of the Bulge. I used a MiniArt figure that bore a strong resemblance to LtCol Abrams.

The stowage was from Blast Models, but other than that, this model was built straight out of the box.

This year, for the first time, I did not enter any gaming miniatures.  I haven't painted anything for myself in the past year!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Giant Commission -- Russian Gunners

Here are 50 gunners from Glenn's army, 42 foot and 8 horse artillerymen.  The foot are in a mixture of firing, loading, and moving poses.

Now all the infantry and all the artillery are finished!  On to the horse!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Giant Commission -- Russian Guns

Here are all 25 Russian guns for Glenn's army.

There are four 4-pdr, twelve 6-pdr, and nine 20-pdr guns here.

Next up are 50 gunners!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Giant Commission -- Moscow Militia

Here are 60 Moscow militiamen, with their characteristic headgear.

This completes the Russian infantry.  Over the summer I was able to paint:

270 line infantry
204 grenadiers
36 jager
90 militia
20 infantry casualties

That's a grand total of 620 infantry figures over the past three and a half months.  It has felt slow at times, but I have been able to keep chipping away at the total.

Now it is time to paint the guns!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Giant Commission -- St. Petersburg Militia

Here are 30 St. Petersburg militiamen with their regular officer.  I like my militia to look dingy, but uniform, so I broke out my Confederate palette.

I'll have 60 Moscow militia finished soon.