Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Painting Totals

It was another busy month for me. I started and finished a complete 15mm Carthaginian army, and I worked on a few other figures without finishing them. Here's what I painted:

15mm Carthaginians, 137 foot, 43 mounted, 2 elephants, and 6 elephant crew
28mm Greeks, 2 infantrymen

That's a total of 388 SPPs. Not a bad month, but not back to my old pace.

October 08, 368 SPPs
September 08, 299 SPPs
August 08, 654 SPPs
July 08, 362 SPPs

Figures painted so far in 2008 (1,675):
28mm Foot: 526
28mm Mounted: 59
28mm Elephants: 2
15mm Foot: 815
15mm Mounted: 150
15mm Limbers and Teams: 12
15mm Guns: 1
15mm Gunners: 2
15mm Elephants: 2
15mm Elephant Crew: 6
10mm Foot: 100
10mm Mounted: 39


  1. I don't know how you manage such volumes! I'm considered a fast painter at my club, having knocked out 400+ (mostly 28mm) figures in the course of the year; but 1600+ it boggles the mind!!!

  2. My buddy Jon just topped 2,000 for the year.