Thursday, May 27, 2010

ACW Commission: Confederate Generals

I took my time on these and lavished a little extra attention. Most of the figures are Foundry or Perry. Glenn, maybe you can help us out on the identification of some of these figures?

Foundry JEB Stuart

Sash and Saber? on Foundry Horse

Foundry John Bell Hood

Perry Miniatures John Bell Hood

Foundry R.E. Lee? on Sash and Saber Horse

Perry Miniatures James Longstreet

Foundry Stonewall Jackson

Perry Miniatures Robert E. Lee

With these figures complete, the Confederates are DONE! Tomorrow I'll move onto Union infantry.


  1. WOOT! The Generals are the best of the lot. They look ready to take command and drive the Yankees into the river.

    Since I'm not modelling any particular army or unit, these Generals will stand-in for many different ones. So I mixed and matched as I selected them for painting.

    I've had the Foundry figures for more than 10 years, while the Sash and Saber and Perrys were recent acquisitions.

  2. To the best of my memory (and with the help of the internet):
    1. Foundry J.E.B. Stuart
    2. Sash and Saber (?)(though I can't be sure as they do not have a picture of their Commanders on Horseback on their site.
    3. Perry John Bell Hood
    4. Sash and Saber (?)
    5. Sash and Saber (?)
    6. Perry James Longstreet
    7. Foundry Stonewall Jackson
    8. Perry Robert E. Lee (My what a big hat he has)

  3. Two John Bell Hoods?
    Is one the young, dashing Antietam JBH and the other the aged, haggard Franklin/Nashville JBH?

    And which leg is the wooden one?


  4. I agree with Glenn, the extra effort you've put into the Generals really shows up well. The time is well spent. People always pick up a general first when admiring an army.

  5. Very very nice once again you inspire us with your art wonderful colouring and shading

  6. excellent great horses.


  7. I'm just curious what the price on one General mounted would be. Thanks