Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ACW Commission: Basing (Almost) Completed

I spent a week away from home, attending the IPMS National Convention in Phoenix, Arizona.

This was a huge convention, with around 2,000 entries, with subjects ranging from the usual tanks, planes, figures, and cars to dinosaurs, spacecraft, imaginative hypothetical vehicles, and dioramas. I entered my AWI Continental army into the collections category.

These were the only wargaming figures at the show. I got a lot of positive comments from the convention goers, most of whom said they had never seen anything like my army. I did not win any awards, but it was fun to attend, and I did pick up a lot of armor kits, accessories, and books.

This King Tiger was one of the more impressive entries I saw. It's in 1/72 scale, so compare this beauty to your 20mm gaming models and weep. Not all the entries were up to this level, but many were.

Now that I've had time to catch my breath and return my body temperature to normal (Phoenix hit 110 degrees most days and dropped to only 88 degrees at night!), I put in some time at the painting bench and based the entire commission.

The eagle eyed among you may spot three sticks of unbased Confederate infantry in the back. I didn't have enough bases to accommodate them, but Austin has promised some suitable bases when we next meet.

Tomorrow I'll begin the long process of terraining the bases. I hope to be completely done with the project in two weeks.


  1. This is very impressive! Especially when you factor in the high quality of painting!

  2. Wow, that's a huge army. Easily more than a year's worth of work for most painters. Well done kicking it out so quickly and at such a high painting standard.