Monday, November 29, 2010


Well, I'm back to work on another commission, again for Glenn Drover, and again for ACW figures in 28mm. This is a much smaller commission, allowing Glenn to fill out his armies a bit. I'll be painting 72 infantrymen and 26 casualty markers.

I'll be breaking the work into three stages. First I tackle the Confederates, who with their motley dress are always more difficult to paint. My blog has been awfully quiet recently, so I'm putting up some in-progress shots of the rebels. After a little more than a week of work, this is what I have done.

I'm nearly done; I just have the blanket rolls and skin highlights to do before I move on to touch-ups. Below you can see some close ups of some of the figures. Please keep in mind that the figures are between four and eight times actual size (depending on your monitor) and that I haven't done my touch ups yet, but I think you can see where I'm heading with these.


  1. Genius work! These units look amazing. Perry figures + Scott MacPhee = stunning. :)

  2. I'll be using these figs along with the huge batch Scott already painted to put on a game at Little Wars on April 9, 2011. Little Wars is being held at Pheasant Run resort west of Chicago next year.
    The game I'll be hosting will be my Civil War House Rules of Command & Colors (a slightly more detailed version of BattleCry, a boardgame by Richard Borg).
    The scenario will be Gettysburg, Day 2 (The entire battlefield).

    Infantry units have 8 figures on a stand (4 casualties to remove the unit - it's no longer combat worthy). Confederate Divisins will have 2 - 3 stands and Union Corps will have 4 stands (except Ist and XI Corps, which will have 2 stands).

    I'll be running the game 3 times on Saturday. I invite any of you that can make it to play. Should be fun.

  3. Thanks for the images. I love your painting style and am considering a style similar. Thanks again for showing us your it.

  4. Thanks, Vinnie. I've been enjoying your photo essays on the ACW battlefields. Good stuff!