Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Commission: 28mm Commands and Colors Ancients

Glenn Drover, the same chap who commissioned those big ACW armies last year, has commissioned me to paint an even larger project. He has adapted Commands and Colors Ancients for the tabletop, and he will be gaming the Second Punic War.

This is indeed a massive commission, consisting of 562 foot, 107 horse, and 4 elephants with crew. I expect it will take me until at least the Spring of 2012 to finish it.

Here is the first unit, Spanish Scutari. Glenn asked that I vary the tunic colors, and I have worked in four different shades into this unit.

I always think that the most important part of painting ancients is the shield. I used two tone shading to make the shields pop out.

These rankers are all Renegade Miniatures.

The command figures are from Crusader Miniatures.

Watch this blog to see the project's progress. Glenn has bought some absolutely beautiful figures from a variety of manufacturers, so if you have any interest in gaming the Punic Wars, you'll find something of interest here.

I am likely to paint the occasional unit for myself, so it won't be all Punic Wars all the time. I got a little burnt out during the last commission, as I slogged my way through over 400 Civil War figures with no break for anything else. I'll try to avoid that this time and keep myself fresh by turning on occasion to other periods.


  1. These are perfect. The muted colors of the tunics are offset by the very colorful shields. I especially like the variety of both. Looks like a real group of individual warriors.

  2. Scott:

    Awesome color palette. Coincidentally, I'm working on some Crusader Scutarii right now. Only used one color for the tunics - an off white; However, the shades you used are superb. The hand-painted shield designs are also first-rate. I'm taking the lazy approach and ordering some LBMS transfers. Best, Dean

  3. Fantastic painting!! love the colours on the shields, totally agree with your comment about shields, you can't really do a lot with the tunics, they just need dull colours, white's brown's and grey's, but you can use what you like for the shields and make them stand out, I bet they'll look great as a unit. Well done!!

  4. Awesome work Scott. As others have said, great work with the clours.

  5. You are a brave man!

    I can't agree more with the other comments: wonderful job on both the tunics and the shields.

    I'd love to hear more about your friend's work to convert C&C to miniatures.

    I look forward to further posts on this massive undertaking!


  6. Nice miniatures and lovely painting. I think he will be very pleased again.


  7. Hi Greg,
    C&C is already kind of a miniatures game. The initial transfer to the tabletop was pretty easy; all it took was the purchase of a hex mat from Hotz. I went with 5" hexes which fits a unit of 28mm miniatures easily.

    Since the initial conversion of ancients I have done rules for Napoleonics and Civil War. I'm now changing ancients a bit to move away from the left-right-center mechanic, which feels a bit constrained to more of a command control focus on the cards.