Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Painting Totals

My figure count dropped very low in March.  Partly that's beacuse I spent a week building and painting a 1:1200 Napoleonic frigate, and partly it's because I spent most of the month painting for other people.  It's always hard to get excited about figures that I know are going out the door once done, never to be seen again.  Painting starts to feel less like a hobby and more like work.

Here's what I got done this month.

15mm Macedonians (commission): 32 phalangites, 2 charioteers, 12 cavalrymen (no mounts)
15mm Carthagininans (commission): 24 Greek hoplites, 24 Libyan spearmen
15mm Carthaginians (for me): 8 Greek hoplites
28mm Napoleonic French (for me): 2 fusiliers
15mm Napoleonic Austrians (for me): 64 infantrymen
1:1200 Napoleonic Naval: 1 frigate

So all told I painted 166 15mm figures and 2 28mm figures for a total of 257 SPPs.  I don't know how I would count the frigate in terms of SPPs, but it took about 60 times as long as a basic 15mm figure.

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