Monday, November 30, 2009

Dearborn's Light Infantry

I finished the last figures for my Saratoga army today, Dearborn's Light Infantry.

At only twelve figures, Dearborn's battalion is the smallest in my army. This battalion was composed by collecting the light companies from regiments throughout the army, so my figures are incorrectly uniformed for Saratoga. But I wanted a unit that could pass for light infantry throughout the war, so I went with one of the more common LI uniforms: brown with white facings. I also went with the light infantry cap with white lace. To do this, I had to use British figures in Saratoga dress, and I like the look of this unit a lot.

Here's Morgan's brigade at Saratoga.

Tomorrow or Wednesday I'll get up a shot of the whole army and consider the project in more detail. For now I'm just happy to be done.


  1. Very nice looking figures.


  2. Hey Scott, what color do you use for your skin base? Also, how would YOU adjust that for Asian flesh tones?



  3. I use Delta Ceramcoat's "Cayenne," which has been out of production for a while. It depends on what you mean by Asian, and in what scale. For Japanese in 15mm, for example, I would probably use medium flesh as my main skin color, but the shade would be darker.

  4. Nah, just some mainforce VC I've lying about...

  5. Scott - as usual great paint job - the Dearborn have turned out very well. I particularly like the nice muted skintones and washes on the faces - nicely blended.


  6. The brown coats look great. I need a few more American units in non-blue coats. Nicely done!

  7. It took some experimenting to get the right colors for those brown coats. I ended up using Craft Smart Espresso as my base coat, then mixing my highlight from Espresso and Delta's Territorial Beige.

    There's no wash on the faces; I used Delta's Cayenne for the basecoat, then picked out the main coat with Medium Flesh. I used Fleshtone for the highlights.