Sunday, October 24, 2010

15mm ACW Artillery

This first: I hate painting limbers. I can't figure a way to paint them in pieces, so I build the whole thing, horses, crew, and all, and fix it to its base before painting. Same thing with guns. They both present some difficult angles in to which to fit my brush, and I can't really use my assembly line process to best effect.

So these 17 guns are a big accomplishment for me, even if the painting is nothing special. Now I should have enough artillery to play most Regimental Fire and Fury scenarios.

All the guns and crew are Old Glory. The limbers with more than one crewman are from Stone Mountain. The limbers with a single crewman are Frontier.


  1. Very nice. An update... I was just finishing my first regiment of Confederates when Liam decided to "help" me paint them and coated all my just-based stands with flesh highlight and Federal sack-coat blue. Sooooo, I gotta Pine-Sol the lot and start over.

    I love my son...I love my son...i love my son...

  2. I totally agree about guns and limbers being hard to do quickly. Too many nooks and crannies. Yours look very well done, and you sure seem to have plenty for a good sized game.

  3. I agree painting cannons and Limbers sucks but the result was greate.

    No pain no gain...

    Good work.