Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eureka French Revolutionary Wars Austrian Infantry

Since I clearly do not have enough separate projects already, I ordered a few samples from Eureka's "Wars of the French Revolution" range. I've always thought it would be a blast to focus on one of the early campaigns, before Napoleon was emperor.

Eureka started the range a couple of years ago, and they've added to it steadily. Eureka seems to be focusing on Napoleon's campaigns in Italy for the moment, although the Eureka USA site lists some 1799 Russians.

The figures are very expensive, $2.30 apiece for foot and $5.25 apiece for mounted cavalry. For that price, you'd expect some amazing looking figures. I think these miniatures meet that description.

First, these figures are big. Even for 28s. I make them 30mm from bottom of the foot to eye level, or about 32mm to the top of the head. I didn't take any comparison shots, but I will gladly mix them with other manufacturers, at least in separate units. There's no worry about mixing within units anyway, since no one else makes early Austrians.

The sculpting is excellent, with good detail and very little cleanup required. Eureka uses a nice, stiff alloy, so there will be very little bending of bayonets and such.

Should I ever clear my painting queue of other projects, I will definitely buy enough Austrians to play out some Italian Campaign scenarios with General de Brigade.


  1. One can never have enough projects even if the lead pile is so high you can't see over it.;-)

    The are nice mini's btw.


  2. I agree with your observations about this range. I've collected them since the first releases, and I've had a great time painting them up.

  3. Nice work. Elite do a lovely range of Italian CAmpaign Austrians and French. Much more movement in the designs -- I am a big fan of the Gilder style of figures that Pete Morbey has adopted.


  4. Beautiful figures indeed I have seen them in the flesh here in Australia at many a convention and spoken to Nick Robertson about the range. They are great and I have a number of the vignettes he makes for that period with my figures. However the other manufacture doing the same period if Elite Miniatures UK and are designed by Peter Morbey. They are almost similar in scale but I think the Elite are a little taller. You should grab a few and compare.They are defiantly cheaper.

  5. Outstanding work! I just started painting some of these. Very nice figures.

  6. My base and a half look awfully lonely now. I guess I'll have to buy some more!