Monday, March 4, 2013

28mm 1812 Russian Cuirassiers

Although the blog has been quiet recently, I have been very busy!  I agreed to paint another army for Glenn, this time for Commands and Colors Napoleonics.  I am tackling the Russian army from 1812-4, and I have started with the cavalry.

The Russian cavalry was definitely colorful, and it performed very well in the later Napoleonic Wars.  Glenn has purchased some beautiful figures, and I am definitely having fun with this commission.

Here are Glenn's six regiments of cuirassiers, all Perry Miniatures figures.  I trust that readers will know Perry's high reputation.  These are some of the most beautiful Napoleonic sculpts I have ever seen.  Many of the riders are cast with their horses, and the sculptor has provided separate sword arms.

Astrakan Cuirassiers

Emperor's Cuirassiers

Empress's Cuirassiers

Little Russia Cuirassiers

Military Order Cuirassiers

Novgorod Cuirassiers

I should have some more photos up over the next few days.


  1. simply stunning, this army will be a fantastic sight on the battlefield when complete
    Peace James

  2. It is indeed shaping up nicely. Glenn has a knack of finding the very best figures.

  3. Simply gorgeous!

    I was going to ask why only 4 figs/regt, then answered my own question by re-reading the intro - a C&C army. The small units allow one to field the rainbow of various facing colors in the Russian cavalry, which is a plus in my mind!


  4. Some awesome looking figures. I'm looking forward to some pictures of them on the battlefield!


  5. Thanks Scott,
    I love researching the figures, picking out the right ones and organizing them into units so that they look like small dioramas.
    This applies to the infantry units more than Cavalry because the infantry units have 2 ranks, and some command figures usually.

    This said, your artistry is what really brings the vision to life. It's so exciting to see the finished product after you're done with them.

  6. Great looking Dragoons, Scott!

    So each unit of 4 figs represents a unit in the game with 4 pieces...have I got that right?

  7. Yes, that's it, Monty. The figures are on movement bases, with one figure permanently attached. As the unit loses strength, the individually based figures get lifted.

  8. For cavalry, yes.
    Infantry Units have four figures permenantly mounted for the front rank, and four removable figures in the rear rank.

  9. They're Cuirassier actually. I think when Scott did the header he was thinking about Dragoons because he was just finishing them. :-)

  10. Now, to find someone in the US that actually has them in stock!!

    Can you tell me where you got your info for using miniatures for C&C? I might want to go the same route....

  11. Greg, I just ordered some French cuirassiers direct from Perry. The cost was very reasonable.

  12. Thanks Scott! I might wind up doing just that.

  13. I buy all my minis online. I've had great service and never a problem with receiving the merchandise. I commonly buy from Perry, Front Rank, Foundry, and Calpe (for Prussians)....all UK companies.