Tuesday, June 4, 2013

1812 Russians DONE

Today I set up all the figures for final sealing.  I had been waiting for a nice, sunny day with no breezes.

That's a ten foot by three foot table, and the figures take up a great deal of that space.  

I like to seal with Testor's Dullcote, which has a dead flat finish (most of the time) and dries very hard, protecting the figures from chips and rubbing.

I used enamel paints for all the metals.  Dullcote is an enamel spray, so it can cause enamel paints to run.

So I broke out the airbrush and sprayed everything liberally with a flat clear acrylic.  I hit the figures from eight different angles, so it took a long time.

I gave the figures about ten minutes to dry.  The sun really helped.  Once I was sure the thin layer of acrylic paint had dried, I hit them with Dullcote.

It took three full cans of Dullcote to cover this many figures!  They should be able to endure frequent handling now.  In fact, I am pretty sure these paint jobs will be pristine when a future archaeologist unearths them from the ruins of old America.

For some reason -- maybe the heat, maybe the humidity (77%), maybe the flat acrylic -- these figures look even better than usual after the Dullcote.  It's a crapshoot, really, which is why I usually do not seal figures on commission.  Fortunately they really turned out well this time.

I'll be packing the figures this weekend.  It's always tricky to ship this much lead without getting some broken bayonets and swords, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve.


  1. Very nicely done, Scott. Another huge project finished. Do you get a week off to rest? ;-)

  2. Nope. Right on to another commission for Glenn: 205 AWI foot figures. I have until early July to finish them. I will actually be picking up the pace!

  3. Scott is Superman!
    And Leonardo Davinci.

    Thanks again Scott.

  4. Nice work. The sealing of my painted figures is what I hate the most.. like you said, total crap shoot. /sigh

  5. Wow! That is a BIG chunk of work. Well done!

  6. impressive level of work
    Peace James

  7. Great work. My experience is for Dullcote, the drier the day the better. I only spray in in my basement which is humidity controlled with a de-humidifier set to 40% maximum humidity.

  8. That will be a very lucky owner - I envy him!

    Great paintwork and great series on "how to" as well working through the commission

  9. Great stuff Scott! Any chance of a few all together shots before you pack them up?

    As always, adore your painting style.

  10. Nice-I have had the same units on my table for two months!!!

  11. I doubt I will take pictures of the group. I have already started packing, and I really want to get these in the mail. Glenn will probably take some pictures once he finishes terraining the bases.

  12. I'll do a nice Borodino setup when I get them and post lots of pics. :)

  13. Okay, looking forward to it!

  14. 200+ AWI troops in a month?!?!?! Un-friggin-believable! I started about 110 25mm ACW infantry (Fed & Reb mix) about the third week of May. I HOPE to have them finished by this fall when Longstreet I released...and I feel my painting is speeding up some. You, sir, are a painting savant.

  15. Just posted the Borodino game setup: