Saturday, June 1, 2013

28mm 1812 Russian Artillery

These are the final figures for Glenn's army.  I have started the flocking, as you can see.  It should take me a week or two to finish flocking and sealing the army, and then it goes in the mail!

Glenn bases the guns with one gunner apiece, then adds additional crew who can be removed as casualties.  The guns are a mix of Foundry and Perry, and the gunners are all Perry.

The Russian gunners have interesting facings: black with red trim.  The red shako cords really stand out.

I'm definitely in the home stretch now!


  1. Very nice looking guns. How many guns did you paint? From the single gunners, I'm thinking 10 (two removable figs per gun) but that is only a guess.

  2. Very nice looking guns, and crews!