Tuesday, June 6, 2017

28mm Confederate Cavalry

While I wait on some figures for Glenn's Prussian army, I attempted a few figures for myself.  I got a great deal on some Foundry Civil War figures, and a part of that deal was this set of 48 Confederate cavalry.

I was a little disappointed that Foundry only has two horse poses, but I think that by varying the horse colors I was able to keep the unit from looking too regular.

You'll notice that none of my Confederate cavalry wears a forage cap or kepi, and none has the yellow cavalry piping on their uniforms.  Look at original (not reproduction) items of Confederate cavalry dress, and you will not find much yellow.  I have only seen a couple of pieces, and only on officers' cuffs.  Since all my officers are wearing riding gloves, I omitted all yellow piping.

I went with a variety of greys and butternuts for these units.  I wanted to portray a veteran cavalry unit with the remains of various uniform issues mixed with some civilian dress.

As always, the flags are from the incomparable GMB Designs.

These 48 horsemen took me eight days to paint and base.  Now if Glenn's figures would just arrive, I would finish those Prussians!  Painting for myself seems unnatural somehow.


  1. Forty eight cav in eight days? You are a machine!
    Great character as always. How do the Foundry figures match up with Old Glory or Sash & Saber?

    1. They are a little bigger than Sash and Saber. I do not have any Old Glory cavalry, but these are about the same size as Old Glory's mounted generals.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Vinnie. Your 28mm ACW games are a source of inspiration for me.

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    1. Thank you, Phil! With these done, I have close to 100 mounted Confederates in 6 regiments. I may be done.

  4. Excellent work Scott! I really like the Foundry reb cavalry and you have done a very fine job on them.


    1. They are nice figures. Thanks for the kind words!