Thursday, October 18, 2018

Another Chaeronea Game!

This past Saturday, the fellows joined me for another game of "To the Strongest!"  Once again, we tackled the battle of Chaeronea.  In the first game, Jon's Greeks won a squeaker against Kevin's Macedonians.  In the second game, my brother Craig and I took the Greeks, and Jon and Kevin teamed up as the Macedonians.  It was another closely fought Greek victory!

After lunch, Jon and I broke out the old Avalon Hill "Squad Leader" and played the first scenario.  My 10 year old son and I have been learning the game together.  Jon was a little rusty on the rules, but I think he had fun!

While Jon and I got our fix of retro gaming, Kevin had a chance to peruse my collection of "The General."

I HAVE been painting, but I haven't been finishing many projects this month. Hopefully I can post some pictures of new figures soon!

Friday, September 21, 2018

6mm Confederate Cavalry and Generals

These 60 mounted figures took me a while to finish, but they do look nice once done!

You would think that five Confederate cavalry brigades and four corps commanders would be enough for any battle, but Third Winchester sees seven (!) Confederate cavalry brigades on the field, and Chickamauga requires an army commander and six corps commanders.

The cavalry painted up very nicely.  I had trouble making out some of the details, but as always, I figure if I cannot see it while painting, no one will see it while gaming.  The swallowtail guidons are unusual for Confederate cavalry, and if I were doing these again, I would trim the guidons to make the square.

From left to right you can see my attempts at army / corps command stands featuring Lee, Longstreet, Hood, AP Hill, and Bragg.  When I add the nest two stands, I will make them look like Jackson and Ewell.

With the Confederate artillery, cavalry, and generals finished, I am moving on to the infantry!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

6mm ACW Artillery

The fellows at Little Wars TV inspired me with their Antietam game to give 6mm ACW a try.  I already have armies in 28mm, 15mm, and 10mm.  Did I really need to start a 6mm collection as well?  No, not really, but I am having fun with it.

These 16 guns and 64 crew are the first of the project to clear the painting desk.

Today I am working on Confederate generals and artillery.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

More 15mm French Generals

Here are the latest additions to my French high command.  All figures are AB.

First I have a Commander in Chief stand for those battles where Napoleon is not present.  A marshal sends one aide de camp galloping off while two others wait expectantly.

Six marshal / general figures will act as division and brigade commanders.

Six mounted infantry colonels, one from the Guard, stand ready to command infantry brigades.

Three dragoon officers, three chasseurs a cheval officers, and General Lefebvre-Desnoettes stand ready to command cavalry brigades.

Here is this project's summer progress.  There are 87 mounted officers here.

There are 16 figures on two army command stands, 24 figures on eight corps command stands, 31 division / brigade commanders, and 16 aides de camp on round bases.

I will probably add six more marshals / generals figures and call this project done.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

15mm Napoleonic French Limbers

This week I painted up twelve limbers for my Napoleonic French army.  The figures are all from Old Glory.  They painted up very well!

Friday, August 24, 2018

18mm Napoleonic French Guard Horse Artillery

My Napoleonic French army is surprisingly light on Imperial Guard.  I have five stands of infantry and three of cavalry, which was what I needed for my Borodino scenario fifteen years ago.

My heart is always with the line infantry soldier.  If I don't need an Imperial Guard figure for a scenario, I don't paint it!

I do have a scenario, however, that includes a substantial guard presence.  General de Brigade's "Glory Years" scenario book has three linked Austerlitz scenarios.  My group played the first of those back in December.  The third scenario has the French player field 20 Guard Chasseurs a Cheval, 32 Grenadiers a Cheval, and 3 stands of horse artillery.

I painted these figures up in a day.  Because I only had one stand of line horse artillery in my lead pile, I painted it up at the same time as the guard.

I'm enjoying painting French Napoleonics for myself, but I may take a little break in a bit.