Saturday, August 18, 2018

6mm British Light Dragoons

Continuing my exploration of all things tiny, here are some Baccus light dragoons in Tarleton helmets.

Looking at the pictures now, I wish that I had shaded the coats rather than just block painting them.  Apart from that, I am very happy with how these turned out.

I'm not sure that these will ever see the table, as I have a sizable order of 3mm Napoleonics on the way.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

1:1200 USS Tyler

This timberclad gunboat is just a one-off piece for a Shiloh game.  The ship comes from Thoroughbred Miniatures, and I liked it well enough that I am considering building some Civil War navies.  The 1:1200 scale vessels have a small enough footprint that you could play naval games in scale!  At 4.4 feet to the mile, most engagements would be doable on a standard table.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

More 3mm Napoleonics

As I continue to experiment with smaller scales, I have settled on 60mm by 30mm bases.  Whether I land on 3mm or 6mm, this base size seems just right.

Today we have another infantry unit, this time of 79 figures.  We also have here a cavalry brigade made up of the 1st and 2nd hussars.  There are 30 horse on this base with plenty of empty space.

I was able to streamline my painting a bit on these figures without sacrificing detail.  I am VERY pleased with how everything turned out.  This set of figures used up my remaining stock of 3mm castings, so I will have to place an order if I want to take this project any further.  I still do not have a specific rules set in mind for these.  I suppose either Blucher or Snappy Nappy would work, but I may want to try my own hand at rules design.

These figures really are tiny.  Here they are next to an AB Miniatures French hussar.  I hope this gives you an idea just how they compare to 15mm figures!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

To the Strongest! Chaeronea Refight

The fellas came over today to show off new toys and play a couple of games!

Kevin is making his own game to refight Culloden.  Since he and I both had ancestors there, we have an interest in the battle!  Here he shows me some of the labelled troop blocks he has made.

John and I thought they looked spiffy!  Kevin hired a graphic designer and really has the makings of a cool game.

We played some "Table Battles" from Hollandspiele, a game that Kevin and I enjoy.  This was Jon's first time with the game, and he wasn't sold on it.  After a break for lunch, we headed into my gaming room to play To the Strongest!

Jon had to get some pictures of the troops right away. I think he was impressed! The Old Glory 15mm ancients paint up very nicely, and this was the first time my group has gamed with these figures.

To the Strongest uses playing cards for activation and combat resolution.  Units can activate multiple times, but once one fails an activation, the whole command stops.

The Greeks (right) were able to move forward while keeping their line in good order.

The Macedonians advanced too.  Kevin led with his left, Alexander and the companion cavalry.

Once the Macedonian heavy horse got into contact, the combat became fast and furious!  Alexander's ability to reroll failures kept the companions chipping away at the Theban hoplites.

Jon pushed the Greek left forward and came to grips with the Macedonian pikemen.  Both hoplites and pike phalanxes are tough to kill!

Eventually the Macedonian horse swept around the Greek right and won the day.

After this first match, Kevin and I played again, with me taking the Greeks.  Again Kevin was victorious!  The fellows enjoyed the rules, and I think we will get To the Strongest on the table again.  We all agreed that the use of squares really speeds up gameplay.  We were able to finish two full games in two and a half hours.

Friday, August 10, 2018

18mm AB Miniatures French Generals

While tinkering with smaller scales, I have also been plugging away at around 100 AB Miniatures mounted French officers.  My Napoleonic French army was one of the first I painted, way back before the turn of the century, and I find it in need of a face lift!

With the first few stands I am trying out some more ornate scatter on the bases.  What do you think?  Is it too much?  Usually I save the grass tufts for 28mm figures.

Here we have a corps command stand with Nansouty in full cuirassier rig.  On his right is a senior officer of the 2nd Hussars.  On his left is an aide de camp to a divisional commander.  I wanted this base to work for when Nansouty commanded the I Cavalry Corps in 1812.

The three singly mounted officers are colonels of the 5th Hussars, 7th Hussars, and Guard Horse Artillery.

Today I am working on an army command stand.  I finished painting Napoleon, Roustam Raza, two Chasseurs a Cheval of the Guard, and a couple of aides de camp today.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

20mm WWII American Infantry

After spending much of the past three years painting AB's Napoleonics range, I thought I would give their WWII range a try.  Do I need more WWII troops?  No, probably not.  But I do like the proportions of these!