Saturday, December 15, 2018

168 Man Project, Day 8

I was able to put the finishing touches on the 168 figures last night.

It's not a brilliant paint job, but it will do.  I have a hard time even imagining what a brilliant paint job would look like on figures in greatcoats.  There just are not a lot of colors to work with.

I had some help during my painting: four "new" Paul McCartney records, new in that they are newly re-released.  Three of these are double albums, with each second record full of demos and outtakes.  I usually listen to lectures of podcasts while I paint, but I really enjoyed listening to my new records this time.

I said the paint job would do, but in fact, once the figures were all based in their ranks, the paint job looked really good.  These should really pop on the table top.

In the top right of the previous picture, you can see the officers and musicians I painted in this batch.  I didn't base them because I didn't paint standard bearers yet.

Here are the standard bearers, prepped and washed.  When I was prepping figures, I could not find my pin vise anywhere, and I needed it to drill out their hands. After searching for a few days, I gave up and ordered a replacement.  The day after it arrived, my son told me he had used the pin vise in working on a model.  There it was, tucked into the model's box.

I drilled out the standard bearers hands, only to find that I was down to three 100mm spears to use as flag poles.  Sigh.  I made an order with Brigade Games, and the spears you see above are the result.

While I was ordering spears, I thought I had better check to make sure that I had enough flags for these figures.  I went to my giant stack of GMB flags and found ... no ACW Union infantry flags for 28mm figures.  Right now I am waiting on a GMB order.  Hopefully it arrives soon.

I will wait until the command stands are done before I start flocking bases.

Friday, December 14, 2018

168 Man Project Day 7

Yesterday I finished the overcoat and trouser highlights and started highlighting the faces and hands.  I was able to complete the flesh highlights on all but six sticks.

I was hoping to finish these up today, but I have had no time to paint.  Tomorrow, if I get a couple of free hours, I should be able to complete this project.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

168 Man Project Day 6

I made progress yesterday, highlighting all the putties, blanket rolls, and scarves.  I also painted the drums and NCO rank insignia.  I started on highlighting the overcoats and got through over half the figures.

Today I will finish highlighting overcoats and start on the flesh highlights.  After that, all that is left is to apply gold paint to the brass fittings!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

168 Man Project Day 5

Yesterday I was only able to spend about 90 minutes painting.  I highlighted the canteen straps, canteens, and forage caps.  I also painted the drum rims red.

Today I will highlight blankets, scarves, and putties.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

168 Man Project Day 4

After a Saturday gaming and a Sunday with my family, I was able to put in a good painting day yesterday.  I finished all the basecoating.  Today I will start on the highlights!

Friday, December 7, 2018

168 Man Project Day 3 (Sort of)

Wednesday my youngest came down with a bug, and I spent two days nursing her back to health.  Today I was able to return to my project.

This morning I painted haversacks, cartridge boxes, percussion cap pouches, and belts black.  I also painted the muskets all black.  This afternoon I painted the musket stocks brown, and I hit the drums and bugles with brown while I was at it.  Tonight I painted all the metal fittings with steel color.

I won't be painting at all this weekend.  Day four will have to be Monday!