Sunday, August 27, 2017

Taking Stock

Jon's blog post got me thinking about where my various projects are and where they are going.  I have had everything on hold for over two years while I work my way through the giant commission, but with some light at the end of the tunnel, it's probably worth taking stock.

The American Civil War remains my primary interest, both in studying and in gaming.  I have a good sized 15mm collection for Fire and Fury (Brigade and Regimental).  Once I add some more Union cavalry, I could pretty much play any scenario.  I'll call this project 90% done.  I also have 28mm armies for Pickett’s Charge (tactical) and Sharp Practice (skirmish), say about 80% done.

After the Civil War, my next gaming love is Napoleonics.  I have been diligently building 15mm armies over the years, so I can field French, British, Austrian, Russian, and Spanish armies for just about anything.  I use the 15mm figures for Age of Eagles (grand tactical) and General de Brigade (tactical).  I would say my forces are about 80% complete, although this is one period that always calls for more troops.  I also have decent French and Austrian forces in 28mm for skirmish gaming using Sharp Practice, and I could consider that project complete.

One project that has stalled is Napoleon in Italy.  I was planning to use the outstanding Eureka 28mm figures to fight the 1796-1800 campaigns.  I have all the lead; I just need some time to get painting.  This project is stuck at about 10%.

Ancients, from the dawn of time to the fall of Rome, has always fascinated me.  I have a number of complete 28mm armies for Warhammer Ancient Battles (and its descendants), all 100% done.  I started a 1/72 scale Trojan War project for for Saga.  I have finished the Acheans and need to paint some Trojans to fight them, so 50% done.  I have started some 15mm ancients armies for . . . something.  I have a decent sized Macedonian army, a large Greek hoplite army, and a few units for Caesar in Gaul.  I haven't found a set of grand tactical rules that really do it for me, apart from Commands and Colors.  Call this project 30% done?  I also have a bunch of 1/300 triemes for ancient naval gaming, but I haven't painted a thing.  This is 0% done!

I bought 28mm Saxons and Vikings for Saga, but I haven't painted much, so about 10% done.

I have good sized 28mm AWI armies for British Grenadier and Sharp Practice.  I could use more troops, especially Hessians, but this project stands at about 90%.

Jon's latest game convinced me to buy a bunch of 1/72 WWI aircraft for Canvas Eagles, but the models are not even here yet.  I also want to try Through the Mud and the Blood in 28mm, but I only have eight figures painted.

Lastly, I do like gaming World War II.  I have a few 15mm armies for Battlefront, 100% done, nothing left to add.  I have enough Germans, Americans, and Soviets in 28mm to play Chain of Command, but I really want to get some winter troops done for the Ardennes, so this project is sitting at about 70%.

I think two years of solid painting could see me finish up all my incomplete projects.  Another two years would allow me to game anything I wanted.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Giant Commission -- British Line Infantry

The last of Glenn's armies is the biggest: the Anglo-Allied army at Waterloo.  I started with these 226 British line infantry.

69th Foot

1st Foot

32nd Foot

28th Foot

73rd Foot

33rd Foot

30th Foot

Hanoverian Line

GMB Flags

I do love the GMB flags.  When they first released their 15mm line years ago, I wondered if it was worth the bother and expense.  Now I use nothing else for my 15mm figures!

Foot Guards Command

Next up will be the foot guards!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Game Night!

My daughter Katie painted up a box of 54mm Romans last year, and tonight we finally got them on the table!  I painted up two boxes of Gauls to face her troops.

Katie and Annie commanded the Romans, while Jack and I took charge of the Gauls.  I made up the rules in my head, but they were heavily based on Warhammer Ancient Battles.

When the Gauls charged through the woods, Katie brought her troops right into the fray!

Jack moved his warbands to engage Annie's cohort.

The terrain had no effect on anything.  It was just a nice surface on which to game!  The mat was from Cigar Box Battles.

I kept the rules VERY simple, really just giving the kids an excuse to roll dice.  Everything was heavily weighted to favor the Romans.

Annie's cohort lost half its strength and its leader, but Katie's annihilated two warbands without losing a man!

All in all, it was a successful night.  All the kids are raring to go again!