Thursday, May 27, 2010

ACW Commission: Confederate Generals

I took my time on these and lavished a little extra attention. Most of the figures are Foundry or Perry. Glenn, maybe you can help us out on the identification of some of these figures?

Foundry JEB Stuart

Sash and Saber? on Foundry Horse

Foundry John Bell Hood

Perry Miniatures John Bell Hood

Foundry R.E. Lee? on Sash and Saber Horse

Perry Miniatures James Longstreet

Foundry Stonewall Jackson

Perry Miniatures Robert E. Lee

With these figures complete, the Confederates are DONE! Tomorrow I'll move onto Union infantry.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

ACW Commission: Confederate Mounted Cavalry

Here's the latest, 16 mounted cavalrymen in butternuts and greys. This will make up four units of four cavalrymen each.

The first batch are Wargames Foundry. The other three are all Sash and Saber. They're all good looking sculpts!

Next I'll move on to Confederate generals, and then the rebel army will be done!

Oh, and I got my replacement natural light bulb for my painting lamp. Not only does it allow me to take clearer pictures, but it really sped up my painting time as well.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ACW Commission: Confederate Gunners and Dismounted Cavalry

I finished up the latest batch of rebels for my commission this morning. Fresh off the painting bench are 24 gunners, 10 dismounted cavalrymen, and two standing horses.

I was able to make a little better time on this batch by painting like poses on the same stick. The gunners are all Sash and Saber.

The dismounted cavalry are a mix of Sash and Saber and Perry Miniatures. I thought the Perrys looked very nice indeed. I might have to buy some for my own armies!

The primer is drying on my next batch of figures: 16 mounted rebel cavalrymen!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

ACW Commission: Confederate Infantry Finished!

I put the finishing touches on these figures today. It took me five weeks from start to finish, but the end result is pretty good. These guys are dressed in a motley assortment of greys, butternuts, and browns.

I found the Sash and Saber figures still look the best. The Foundry were a little disappointing. They lacked some of the deep relief of other lines, and it was tough to make them pop. The Old Glory second edition were decent, but the faces are a real mixed bag. The Crusader figures were a pleasant surprise. I thought they looked a little uninspired in the bare metal, but they were by far the easiest to paint and look great once painted.

Here are some samples of the completed figures. I apologize for the poor lighting; my natural light bulb blew this week, and I replaced it with a "soft white" bulb that is actually pretty yellow. A new natural light bulb is on its way.

The pictures look small here, but if you click to get the larger images, you'll still see the figures larger than life sized.

Monday, May 3, 2010

ACW Commission: Confederate Uniforms Highlights

I highlighted all the uniforms this week. I gave these figures a motley mix of colors, so they should look pretty ragged once complete. Next week I'll be highlighting the haversacks, painting canteens and straps, and hopefully finishing all the flesh highlights. Then I'll just have blankets and some trim work to do. I think I can still finish these 160 figures within five weeks of starting.