Friday, March 31, 2017

28mm ACW Aides de Camp

The fellows and I had a trial game of "Pickett's Charge" planned for this weekend, but the NCAA tournament has forced us to reschedule.

In anticipation of the game, I painted up eight more aides de camp and based them on Litko's pill shaped bases.  These are really generals, as their cuff braid and button placement indicates.  I'm hoping someone (looking at you, Stephen Huckaby) starts making some mounted aides de camp figures.

I think these are all from Sash and Saber, and the poses are very nice.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Giant Commission -- Prussian Line Infantry

I have spent March finishing a big chunk of Glenn's Prussian army.  He will have 288 line infantry, 288 landwehr, and 36 jager.  These are the 288 line, all 12 Prussian regiments as they appeared from 1812-5.  Each regiment has two bases of musketeers, one of fusiliers, and one of grenadiers.

1st (1st E. Prussian) Infantry Regiment

2nd (1st Pomeranian) Infantry Regiment

3rd (2nd E. Prussian) Infantry Regiment

4th (3rd E. Prussian) Infantry Regiment

5th (4th E. Prussian) Infantry Regiment

6th (1st W. Prussian) Infantry Regiment

7th (2nd W. Prussian) Infantry Regiment

8th Infantry Regiment, Foot Guards

9th "Leib" (Brandenburg) Infantry Regiment

10th (2nd Pomeranian) Infantry Regiment

11th (1st Silesian) Infantry Regiment

12th (2nd Silesian) Infantry Regiment

I have already started on the landwher.  Hopefully they will not take another four weeks!