Wednesday, May 31, 2023

15mm French Guard Cavalry

My favorite rules for tactical Napoleonics are "General de Brigade" by Dave Brown. They have enough chewiness to satisfy me while still moving quickly.

They are also well supported with official scenarios. The book "The Glory Years" contains three scenarios for Austerlitz, and one has the famous charge of the French guard cavalry. The scenario calls for 20 Chasseurs a Cheval and 32 Grenadiers a Cheval.

All figures are AB Miniatures, bases from Litko, and flags from GMB.

Guard Chasseurs a Cheval

Guard Horse Grenadiers


Tuesday, May 30, 2023

15mm French Hussars

In a rare return to my hobby, I was able to paint some figures for myself. These 120 French hussars are a mix of AB and Blue Moon, all based for Age of Eagles / General de Brigade. Bases are from Litko and flags are from GMB Designs.

1st Hussars (AB Miniatures)

2nd Hussars (AB Miniatures)

4th Hussars (Blue Moon)

5th Hussars (Blue Moon)

7th Hussars (Blue Moon)

10th Hussars (Blue Moon)


I was also able to finish up my French guard cavalry for Austerlitz. Their sealing coat is drying now, but I hope to have them photographed and on the blog soon.