Friday, August 15, 2014

Waiting on Bases . . .

I have been doing a lot of painting over the past month, all Blue Moon Civil War.  I finished 30 Confederate mounted officers, 106 Confederate cavalry, and 8 horse holders with 32 horses.

I would love to show them to you, but I am waiting on a large Litko order.  It should be here any day, and then there will be a flurry of basing, flocking, and photographing.  I love Litko bases, but I do wish their turnaround was a little quicker.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Blue Moon 18mm Dismounted Rebel Cavalry

I am on a painting tear right now.  Although I have not been updating the blog that frequently, I am finishing figures at a good rate.  I am hoping to get my entire Confederate Blue Moon army completed in time for a modeling show in October, and I think I will make it.

Here are 38 bases of dismounted Confederate cavalry, based for Regimental Fire and Fury.  I am working on horse holders to go with them.  All the figures are Blue Moon.  Bases are Litko, and flags are GMB.

Blue Moon has a nice variety of poses here, and by varying the uniform colors, I was able to make them even more motley.