Wednesday, April 17, 2013

28mm 1812 Russian Guard Infantry

Glenn has two units of Guard infantry in his army.  These figures are all from Foundry.

I tried a new primer with these figures, which gave the black areas a glossy sheen I do not like.  I should be able to dull it down with a flat acrylic sealant.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

28mm 1812 Russian Generals

With the high command out of the way, I turned to the field generals.  Glenn will have four mounted generals for his army.  There is a real lack of mounted Russian generals in metal, so Glenn went with regimental officers.  With the proper colors, these look like generals to me.

The first two generals are from Perry Miniatures RN 2 "Mounted Field Officers."

The other two generals are from Foundry RN061 "Mounted Infantry Officers."

I spent the day prepping infantry figures.  Tomorrow I will be priming.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

28mm 1812 Russian High Command

After my Gallic holiday, I returned today to painting Glenn's commission.

Here are the figures for Glenn's army command stand.  These are all Perry figures, based on the painting of Kutuzov and his generals at Borodino.

Here are all the figures.  Kutuzov must, of course, be the central figure.  I imagine he has just noticed Napoleon flanking his fleches.

Here are detailed shots of all the figures.  Please remember that these display much larger than life.

The map stretched out over the drum has the topography of Borodino, and I have indicated the initial troop dispositions.

Taking a break definitely paid off, as I was able to paint these figures in one day.  Tomorrow I will start on the mounted Russian generals.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Blue Moon 18mm Gallic Foot

I took a little break from my commission to paint some figures for myself.  These are a mix of all four Blue Moon Gallic infantry sets.  They are "foot command," "warriors in mail," "warriors in tunic," and "warriors bare chested."

I like my Gauls to look ragged, and the wide variety of poses helped me pull it off.  There are very few duplicates among these 100 figures.  Each bag comes with between 15 and 22 poses.

I used my usual method for tartans, starting with a base color, adding the hatching pattern in a lighter color, then adding a highlight. Some clothing got stripes, some got checks, some got tartans, and some got a solid color.

I also varied the colors on armor and hair.  These guys look like a screaming mob.

The figures are well animated, but still fit on standard ancient bases.  These are 40mm by 15mm Litko bases, and the figures rank up comfortably.

The figures stand 18mm from sole to eyes, around 20mm to the tops of heads.  The shields are separate and must be glued to the figures.  I do this before painting to ensure a strong bond.

As you might expect, they fit perfectly with Blue Moon's Roman legionaries.

I am very pleased with these figures.  I need to paint another 400 or so before I am ready to game, but they will have to wait until Glenn's Russians are done!