Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 in Review

2019 was busier than ever for me, but I still found time to paint 1,364 figures, or about four per day.  Very little of that painting was for me, as the bulk of my effort continues to go toward commission work.

My totals with Analogue Painting Challenge points were as follows:

40mm Foot: 343 (2,401 points)
40mm Mounted: 11 (165 points)
40mm Guns: 4 (60 points)
28mm Foot: 282 (1,410 points)
28mm Mounted:10 (100 points)
1/72 Foot: 420 (1,680 points)
15mm Foot: 124 (248 points)
15mm Mounted: 12 (48 points)
15mm Vehicles: 11 (88 points)
6mm Mounted: 60 (60 points)
3mm Foot: 87 (25 points)

That gives me a grand total of 6,285 APC points this year, a 24% increase over last year. Just for fun, I compiled all of my totals over the past 12 years, which is as long as I have been keeping records.

2019: 6285
2018: 5072
2017: 7187
2016: 5086
2015: 4506
2014: 4327
2013: 5456
2012: 5787
2011: 4081
2010: 7167
2009: 4348
2008: 8816

That makes for average of 5676.5 points per year, which means this year was slightly (about 11%) above average.

I did not get in nearly enough gaming with my friends this year.  My three young children seem to take up most of my time, but I won't complain about that!  All three are enjoying modeling and gaming with me.

Monday, December 30, 2019

20mm WWII Americans

These 206 American soldiers are ready to take on Glenn's Germans!  After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I was able to tone down the shine AND get rid of the frosting.  I over painted the dip to get these figures to really pop.

Platoon and Company Command

Combat Engineers

Bazooka Teams

Rifle Squads

Anti-Tank Gunners

Sniper Teams

M2 Browning

M1919 Browning



Sunday, December 29, 2019

More 40mm ACW

These 40mm figures are ready for the mail!  Here we have 60 foot and five mounted figure to fill out Carl's army.

5th New York

155th Pennsylvania

Falling Wounded

Division and Corps Command

In 2020 I will start on Carl's rebel army.  Happy gaming, Carl!

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Frosting Begone!

Armed with paint thinner, a cheap toothbrush, some toothpicks, and plenty of elbow grease, I set out to undo the Dullcote frosting.  Three weeks later, this is the result.  These are the exact same figures in all three pictures.



The good news is that the paint on these is not going ANYWHERE.  Archaeologists in 2,000 years, sifting through the rubble of suburban Chicago, will find Glenn's collection of miniatures with their paint jobs still intact.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

So Frustrating!

This is what I always dread with the dip.  The figures turned out HIGHLY glossy.  I painted them with a clear flat acrylic, waited for them to dry, and sprayed them with rattle-can Dullcote.  This is the result.

I know a lot of people like that shiny toy soldier look, but it's not for me.

Next I tried spraying Winsor & Newtown flat lacquer.  The result was no better.

I have quite an arsenal of clear sealants.  I worked my way through them. Nothing was cutting that sheen.

I finally had to try out the Testor's Dullcote in the bottle.  I mixed it with lacquer thinner, donned my hazmat breather, and gave a small group of figures a spray.  Disaster ensued.

I hope I can get rid of this frosting.  If I cannot, I will have to strip the figures and start again.