Monday, November 29, 2010


Well, I'm back to work on another commission, again for Glenn Drover, and again for ACW figures in 28mm. This is a much smaller commission, allowing Glenn to fill out his armies a bit. I'll be painting 72 infantrymen and 26 casualty markers.

I'll be breaking the work into three stages. First I tackle the Confederates, who with their motley dress are always more difficult to paint. My blog has been awfully quiet recently, so I'm putting up some in-progress shots of the rebels. After a little more than a week of work, this is what I have done.

I'm nearly done; I just have the blanket rolls and skin highlights to do before I move on to touch-ups. Below you can see some close ups of some of the figures. Please keep in mind that the figures are between four and eight times actual size (depending on your monitor) and that I haven't done my touch ups yet, but I think you can see where I'm heading with these.

Friday, November 19, 2010

FOG Republican Romans: Principes

My Field of Glory Romans just got a big step closer to completion. I finished the two units of principes, which leaves just the velites, triarii, and one more cavalry unit to complete.

My WAB army is made up entirely of Old Glory figures. As I wrote earlier, I wanted a different look for my Field of Glory army. These are all Crusader Miniatures figures, packs ANR008 "Principes / Triari with pila / spear" and ANR004 "Legionary Command." The shield transfers are all from Little Big Men Studios. Bases are from Litko.

Since the FoG army list seems to use two legions as its starting point, I went with two shield designs. The units with the boars on its shields carries boar standards. The Crusader figures come with a choice of banner or totem-style standard, neither of which seem right for Roman legions of this period. I emailed Old Glory and offered to buy some animal standards from their Punic Wars line. Not only did they send me just what I needed, but they did it for free!

The second legion carries shields with an eagle wing emblem, so I gave them an eagle standard. Although the eagle would eventually become the symbol of all the imperial legions, at this earlier date it was just one of many different animal symbols in common use.

I had hoped to finish this army by Christmas, but I'm going to have to set it aside for a while. I just got a large ACW commission in, and it will take some weeks to finish. Watch this space for in-progress photos.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

14th Brooklyn

Here's the latest unit I've finished for Regimental Fire and Fury, the 14th New York State Militia. All of the figures are Old Glory.

The 14th "Brooklyn" NYSM, mustered into federal service as the 84th New York Volunteer Infantry, but kept the 14th Brooklyn designation, rarely being referred to as the 84th NY. Lincoln himself was impressed by their gaudy chasseur uniforms, and the regiment received the nickname "Lincoln's pets" because of the attention he paid them.

The 14th Brooklyn was present at every big battle the Army of the Potomac fought from Bull Run to Spotsylvania.

This regiment has 18 stands, representing 720 men in the RFF rules. We've been playing mostly early war scenarios, and I've been surprised at how many of the regiments are this large. I'll probably not limit this unit to portraying the 14th NYSM, but will use it to add a little color to my Union forces in many scenarios.