Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Giant Commission -- Austrian Artillery

Here are the 13 guns for Glenn's Austrian army.  These gunners are some of my favorite AB sculpts so far.

The cavalry is all primed and ready for paint!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Blue Moon French Legere 1805

While I prep Glenn's Austrian cavalry, I took a little time out to put the finishing touches on these 56 French Legere.  All the figures are from Blue Moon.  The flags are from GMB.

Painting this large commission has reminded me just how much I love AB Miniatures, but most of my own Napoleonic armies are made up of Old Glory and Blue Moon.  I like how robust the Blue Moon figures are.

These are part of a large lot of 1805-7 and American Civil War figures that I bought last summer from a fellow gamer.  I was able to get over 150 packs from him for a very good price.

These figures are based for Age of Eagles, but I use the same basing scheme for General de Brigade.  I have a number of good scenarios for Austerlitz, Jena, Auerstadt, Eylau, and Friedland.

Once the giant commission is done, look for me to add to my 1805-7 forces!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Giant Commission -- Austrian Jager

My wife had the day off work today, so while she watched the kids, I strapped myself to my painting desk and cranked out these 24 Jager.  It helped that the Jager uniform is pretty simple, and I had done much of the block painting along with the Grenz.

This completes the Austrian infantry.  Tonight I will start prepping the cavalry and guns.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Giant Commission -- Grenz Regiments

It took just six days to finish up these 48 figures.  We have six different regiments here.  I opted to paint the Grenz in their classic brown coat and red cloak combination.  Most regiments may have switched over to white coats and grey overcoats by 1809, but these should scream "Grenz" on the tabletop.

Just 18 Jager remain, and then I will be done with the Austrian infantry!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Giant Commission -- Hungarian Infantry

The paint has just dried on these 90 Hungarian infantrymen.  These guys were a little tougher than their German brothers, mostly because of the Hungarian braid on their trousers.

This completes the white-coated infantry.  Tomorrow I start in on the Grenzer and Jager.