Monday, July 27, 2020

1/72 SYW Austrian Infantry

 These figures are all soft plastics from HaT Industries. I wanted a quick project that I could work on while my kids did their schoolwork, and these fit the bill. I gave everything a "good enough" block paint job, stained them with Minwax Polyshades Tudor Satin, and based them up.

IR Erzherzog Karl

IR Leopold Daun

IR Harrach

IR Arenberg


IR Mercy-Argenteau

IR Moltke

IR Puebla

IR Türheim

I wish the soft plastic manufacturers had made packs like this long ago! The marching infantry boxes have just two poses, and the result is useable wargaming figures. I like these figures so much that I will sell off the 15mm and 25mm lead I had collected.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

54mm Bagpiper

For my brother's birthday this week, I painted him a 54mm piper from the battle of Waterloo. I had Costco make up a nice plaque to go with the figure. The regiment is the 79th Foot "Cameron Highlanders," in which six McPhees fought. I painted the pipes to match my brothers set, with the exception of the bag, which got the Cameron tartan.

The figure is white metal from EK Castings. This is the fifth figure I have painted from their range, and they have all been exceptionally good castings. I highly recommend them, and at $3-8 a pop, you won't feel like you have to know how to paint figures to give them a try.

The paints were a mix of Vallejo and craft acrylics. I also used some Vallejo ink washes.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Last of the 10mm Napoleonics

These 74 foot and 3 mounted figures complete the 10mm Napoleonic commission. I really enjoyed painting these sculpts!

52nd Foot

61st Foot

42nd Foot "Black Watch"

All the Infantry