Friday, February 16, 2018

Giant Commission -- Complete Anglo-Allied Army

I started this one back in July.  Seven months later, it is complete.  This army is huge -- about as large in total castings as the ACW armies in my own collection.  You see pictured below 1,083 foot, 149 mounted, and 24 guns.  Every miniature is from AB.  Every base is Litko.  Every flag is GMB.

I lightened up the pictures with a photo editor, something I do not usually do.  The big pictures usually end up very dark.  The result is a bit of over-saturation on some colors.  Still, these pictures do give you a taste of how the whole army looks.

Brunswick Contingent

Netherlands Contingent

Hanover Contingent

British and KGL Cavalry

British Line and Light Infantry

British Foot Guards and 95th Rifles

I have been painting miniatures for a while now: 25 years or so.  I think I can safely say that this is the best army I have ever painted.  The colors pop.  The painting is tidy and well highlighted. Every button and lace color is as accurate as I could make it.  Glen,, you have a jewel of an army coming your way!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Giant Commission -- Anglo-Allied Commanders

The day has finally come.  It is done.  These command stands COMPLETE the Anglo-Allied army at Waterloo.

Prince of Orange

Duke of Brunswick

Earl of Uxbridge

Sir Thomas Picton

Viscount Hill

The Duke of Wellington with Somerset and Staff

Sometime in the next few days I will get pictures of the whole army arrayed for review.  I have a few hundred French to add to Glenn's army before this commission is complete, but we're getting close now.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Giant Commission -- Waterloo Anglo-Allied Artillery

Here are 24 guns with crew for Glenn's Waterloo army.  I was able to finish these figures in just a week.  There's a lot of variety here.

I went with a dull grey for the British gun carriages.  From my research, this is the correct color for Napoleonic British artillery.  Most of the gaming pieces I have seen use a light blue/grey, but period sources describe the British wood as painted in a "lead" color.  This is a little lighter than lead in order to have the color show up on the tabletop.

British and Hanoverian Foot Artillery

Glenn provided figures in a mix of stovepipe and Belgian shakos.  I've always loved the look of British artillery crew.  Those uniforms are super sharp.

British Horse Artillery

This is one of my favorite uniforms in all the Napoleonic Wars.  The combination of hussar jackets and Tarleton helmets makes for a unique look.  Is there anything more fun to run during a game than a British horse artillery battery?  I don't think so.

Brunswick Horse and Foot Artillery
AB Miniatures does not make Brunswick artillery figures, so some conversion was necessary.  Four of the figures here are merely British crew in covered Belgian shako.  I chose figures that were clutching rounds against their chest, so the lack of coat lace is not apparent.  A simple paint conversion makes them work as Brunswickers.   The Leib Battalion officer makes a suitable horse artillery officer.  Two marching line infantrymen stand in for foot gunners.  I carefully trimmed away their muskets, drilled out their hands, added a brass wire rammer staff, and topped it with rammer sponges taken from Old Glory ACW gunners.  Drilling out the base of those sponges was a nice challenge!

Dutch-Belgian Horse and Foot Artillery

These guys also look pretty sharp in their blue jackets faced black with red trim.  I especially like the red and yellow shoulder rolls of the horse gunners.

Dutch Foot Artillery
I wasn't checking Glenn's OOB as well as I should have, and I failed to note that he needed only two Dutch foot batteries.  I painted all eight crew that he sent, while I should have only painted four.  What to do with the extra four crew?  Well, I have a French army for the Peninsular War that lacks Steinmetz's battery in the Dutch Brigade.  I don't know if this is the right uniform for 1808, but these fellows will do.  I painted a Blue Moon French 8-pdr gun and based them up.  So I was able to sneak in a little painting for myself in this batch, although I did not intend to.

Now the only thing left for the Anglo-Allied army are the mounted generals.  I hope to have them done in another week or so, and this army will be complete!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Giant Commission -- Waterloo British Cavalry

I finished up these 78 British cavalry on the last day of January.  There is at least one stand here for every British and King's German Legion cavalry regiment at Waterloo.

1st and 2nd KGL Hussars

7th, 15th, and 18th Hussars

10th Hussars

11th, 12th, and 13th Light Dragoons

16th and 23rd Light Dragoons

1st, 2nd, and 6th Dragoons

Royal Regiment of Horse Guards, 1st and 2nd Life Guards

Here is my progress on the Anglo-Allied Waterloo army so far.  Each of these trays is just over 12" on each side, so we have here nearly three square feet of completed troops.  We have here over 1,000 infantry and nearly 150 horse.

I am painting the artillery today and will prime the gunners once it stops raining!