Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bunker Hill

The gaming group met at Jon's house last Sunday for a refight of Bunker Hill. I played the part of my ancestor, Israel Putnam, while Austin played the part of Howe. Jon refereed the game, which used his AWI variant of the ECW ruleset "Ironsides."

Bunker Hill

British Assault Force

Jon Directs the Game

Austin Likes His Chances

The British had very strong units, all with strengths of 5s and 6s. The Americans all had strengths of 3. The Americans also had limited ammunition. Each unit would be able to fire six volleys, but there was a chance that more bullets would come on the board.

British Elites Assault the Rail Fence

Austin wasted no time in throwing his grenadiers and light infantry against the American militia defending the fence line to the north of Breed's Hill.

British Break Through

The elites wrested control of the obstacle from the Americans. One American regiment moved to take the grenadiers in the flank while the other two regiments counterattacked.

Americans Retake the Fence Line

The militia destroyed the light battalion and drove the grenadiers in headlong retreat.

British Storm the Breastworks

While the battle continued on the American left, Austin moved the bulk of his infantry against Breed's Hill. He pinned the Americans in front while working three regiments against the gap between the breastworks and the fence line below the hill.

British Take the Redoubt

Austin's assault was uniformly successful. The militia broke and headed for Bunker Hill.

British Take the Fence Line

Below the hill, the discipline of British regulars paid off. The Americans melted away before the second British charge.

Overall, Jon's "Ironsides" variant provided for a realistic replay of the battle. The British had a hard time taking the American positions while the militia had full ammunition, but once the British got across the obstacles, the Americans were unable to push them back.


  1. Well played. A pretty and simple game. Are those Minifig 15's?


  2. They're Jon's figures, so I don't know for sure, but I think the bulk are Frontier with a few leavenings of Jeff Valent.

  3. That's correct, Scott. The figures on the table were a near equal mix of Frontier and Jeff Valent with a few officers from Freikorps.

    No Minifigs on the table for Bunker Hill but I have a few units of Minifig Hessian/Brunswick dismounted dragoons and jaegers. The Minifigs fit nicely with the Frontier and Jeff Valent figs.

  4. Scott, have you looked at Blue Moon's offerings for this period as well? Am curious...

    Some friends are getting some 10mm figures. I may too as Pendraken are really nice. But my heart really belongs to 15/18mm in the long run for periods I like.

    Blue Moon has a big range. I am thinking they are probably very similar to the Naps in quality? They sure have a big line for AWI and French and Indian War...

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