Tuesday, October 29, 2019

28mm Hoplites

These Crusader Miniatures hoplites have been sitting in a box for ten years!  When Jon, Kevin, and I played a game of Commands and Colors with my 28mm ancients miniatures, I thought it would be nice to add a Greek army to the table.  Each unit consists of four bases.  With the 28 figures I already had painted, this will enable me to field nine hoplite units.

The figures are all mounted on 60mm by 30mm bases.  The spears are from North Star.  I cut them longer than you usually see on wargaming miniatures, but the real spears were 9 to 12 feet long, so this is accurate.  Shield transfers are all from Little Big Men Studios, and are brilliant, as usual.

I also painted up three bases of generals using figures from the spares box.  These are all from Wargames Foundry.

I'm starting in on a new round of commission work now, so it may be a while until I add to this army.  Hopefully it won't be another ten years!

Monday, October 14, 2019

20mm WWII Germans

Here are the 206 WWII Germans I painted for Glenn Drover.  Almost all the figures are from AB, but I think I see a few SHQ in there too.  I painted these with Vallejo acrylics rather than my usual craft paints.  Vallejo has quite a few shades of field grey, which I used to get some variety in the colors.  As these are Wehrmacht, all camouflage is either splinter or marsh.  

Light Machine-gun Teams (17 bases)

Rifle Teams (10 bases)

Panzerfaust Rifle Teams (5 bases)

Sniper Teams (2 bases)

Sustained Fire Machine-gun Teams (4 bases)

Medium Mortar Teams (4 bases)

Panzerschreck Teams (4 bases)

Assault Engineer Teams (4 bases)

Company and Battalion Command (4 bases)

Casualty Markers (12 bases)

The Americans will follow soon!  I have them primed and ready.  Once I clear some desk space by shipping these Germans, I can start painting Americans.