Monday, January 31, 2011

FOG Republican Roman Army: Cavalry

I also put the last coat of Dullcote on these figures this morning. The Roman starter army has two cavalry units, and this is the second I have finished (you can see the first here). All figures are Crusader. The spears are from North Star. Shield transfers are from Little Big Men. Bases are Litko.

Roman cavalry don't seem to last long on the battlefield, but they do look pretty while they're there!

I'm still searching for the perfect combination of paints for the Roman mustard brown military cloaks. The colors here are the same combination I use for Confederate butternut: Territorial Beige over Espresso.

The army is almost finished now! That little gap right up front will be filled with eight bases of Velites. Just 16 more figures and I'm done!

FOG Republican Roman Army: Another General

I painted these up last week and finished sealing them this morning. This is the other subordinate general for my Field of Glory Romans. The figures are Crusader pack ANR011 "Unarmored Cavalry Command."

I hand painted the shields. The general's shield reads "DVX EQ," meaning "Dux Equites," or "commander of the cavalry."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

FOG Republican Roman Army: General

This week I'm leaving the redcoats and returning to my Second Punic War Romans. This command stand consists of Crusader pack ANR015 "Roman General," a lone figure from Crusader ANR004 "Legionary Command," and a lone figure from Old Glory PPR-04 "Foot Command."

This base is one of two sub-commanders for the army. The other general stand will consist entirely of mounted figures.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bunker Hill British: 2nd Marines

The latest Bunker Hill unit is ready. This is the 2nd Marines, painted in white facings with silver buttons. The Marines did not carry a flag, so we have a pretty dull command stand on this unit.

I assume the drummer would have been in the royal livery, but I went with white so I could use this unit for a British line unit with white facings.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bunker Hill British: Grenadiers

I finished these up last week, but I've been spinning my wheels on other projects instead of flocking these bases. Here is the converged grenadier battalion for Bunker Hill.

The figures are all Old Glory second edition. I like the grenadiers much better than the line infantry. They're a little less animated, which I like for marching poses.

Now I'm finishing up the 2nd Marines for Bunker Hill. I had intended to use January to finish my republican Romans, but it seems the lobsters have captured me for the moment.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bunker Hill British: 5th and 52nd Foot

One of my goals for this year is to finish an American Revolution British army for the battle of Bunker Hill. This is the first unit for that army: the 5th and 52nd Foot.

Figures are Old Glory second edition. The flags are from GMB. I planned out this army a year or so ago and ordered all my flags, but while painting I forgot that GMB does not have a flag for the 5th foot. I pinched the flag for the 63rd Foot instead, and when I paint that unit, I'll paint their command stand in the colors of the 52nd Foot.

The GMB flags are my favorites by far of all the ranges available. They're little works of art, and the paper Grahame uses is thick enough to take folds very well.

My friend Jon liked the look of these Old Glory figures and wondered how they would match up with his Perry Hessians. Here are the Old Glory British hatmen with some Perry British light infantry.

The Perry figures are slightly larger and, surprisingly, slightly beefier too. I would have no problem mixing these figures on the table.