Monday, May 20, 2013

Front Rank Austrian (German) Grenadiers

I have had these figures nearly finished for months now.  This weekend, while I was waiting for primed figures to dry, I applied the last few colors, then based these.  All figures are Front Rank.  The flag is GMB.  Bases are Litko 20mm squares.  I plan to use these figures for some Sharp Practice scenarios.

Usually I use Testor's "Gold" enamel paint.  It looks like real metal, mostly because its pigment is real metal.  But I dislike the fumes from enamels, the way enamels destroy brush points, and keeping separate brushes for enamels and acrylics.  

I tried a new gold paint on these figures.  Blog reader Roger Dospil emailed me a couple of months ago and recommended Vallejo's "Old Gold."  I had tried Vallejo's "Gold," but found it much too yellow for my taste.  "Old Gold" has a much mellower tone that works well.  The paint is a little tacky for my taste.  I do not feel like I have good brush control with it.  Still, enamels tend to be more liquid than I like, so maybe no metallic paint will make me completely happy.  "Old Gold" will be my main gold paint for a while.

Friday, May 17, 2013

28mm 1812 Russian Casualties

Glenn will have 14 casualty markers for his Russian army.  He places one of these whenever a unit is destroyed, which gives a handy visual marker for where the fighting has been fiercest.  The first image contains Front Rank figures.  All the rest are Perry.

Monday, May 13, 2013

28mm 1812 Russian Jäger

Here are the next figures, just finished yesterday.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

28mm 1812 Russian Grenadiers

Glenn is fielding six units of grenadiers for his army.  The first two units are Perry Miniatures (with Foundry officers), and the other four are Wargames Foundry.  The tall plumed grenadiers help give the Russian army its distinctive look.

I finished painting the Jaeger today and am starting on casualties tonight.  That will just leave the artillery and its crew.  This army is nearly done!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

28mm 1812 Russian Musketeers

It took two weeks, but I managed to paint all Glenn's musketeers in one batch.  Glenn has eight units of musketeers in his army, each of eight figures, so that makes 64 figures in 14 days.

This first unit is from Perry Miniatures.  Perry has sculpted the figures in summer dress, so they get white trousers and gaiters.  These are actually from a pack of Jager, but the uniform was identical to musketeers, only differing in some colors.

The second unit is also from Perry, this time marching casually.

The third unit has Perry rankers and Foundry command.

The other five units are all Foundry.

Glenn has picked some beautiful figures for his army.  I'm not sure which I like best!  The Perry figures are better sculpted, but I like the Foundry poses better and found them much easier to paint.

On to the grenadiers!