Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Allied Italian Legions

Here are the last of the figures, six units of Italian allied legionaries.  All figures are Aventine, with shield transfers from Little Big Men.

First are the three units of hastati.

Then we have three units of principes.

This commission included 578 foot figures, 111 mounted figures, and four elephants.  It was a long time coming, but the painting is finished.  I have been working on the bases, and the next series of posts will be of the completed bases.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Roman Triarii

Here are the last units of Romans proper.  These are four units of triarii, comprising 32 figures.  All figures are Aventine, and these are some of the more beautiful sculpts I have seen from Aventine.  The sculptor has given these men a variety of heavy armor which includes breastplates, pectoral plates, and mail.  They also have leather armor under the metal, and many figures wear two greaves.  The triarii are the heaviest of heavy infantry, and these figures look the part.

Shield transfers are Little Big Men, and I had some trouble with these.  Usually the plastic just peels right off the transfers, but on many transfers, I had a tough time getting the plastic sheet off.  The yellow transfers were the hardest, and in many cases the sticker underneath tore rather than separated.  I think I did a decent job hiding the damage, but it was a pain.

Tomorrow I will have the last of the Roman foot soldiers, the Italian allies.

Roman Principes

Glenn's army has six units of Roman principes, and he opted to do them all with drawn gladius.  These are the only figures I primed black, since the black makes the mail easier to paint.

Little Big Men, Litko, etc.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Roman Hastati

Here are the four units of Roman hastati, with 32 figures.  I went for a very traditional look for these Romans, with red tunics and black plumes.  Aventine's hastati are beautiful figures, with lots of variety in armor and helmets.

Once again, shield transfers are from Little Big Men Studios, and bases are from Litko.

I'll put up more photos tomorrow.  My dining room table is covered with both armies as I flock and seal the bases.