Monday, June 26, 2017

Giant Commission -- Complete Prussian Army

The Prussian army is finally done!  Here it is in all its glory.

Line Infantry, Jager

These are regiments 1-12, with two musketeer, one grenadier, and one fusilier battalion per regiment.

Landwehr Infantry, Foot Artillery
This is the landwehr of six regions, with four two-battalion regiments in each region.

Cavalry, Horse Artillery
Here we have six regiments each of dragoons, landwehr cavalry, hussars, and uhlans along with four regiments of cuirassiers.

This army contains 674 foot, 91 mounted, and 21 guns.  I started in early March, so it took me just under four months.  All the figures are AB Miniatures.  The flags are from GMB Designs, and the bases are from Litko.

Links to previous armies in the giant commission:


The last army will be the Anglo-Allies at Waterloo.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Giant Commission -- Last of the Prussians

Glenn reviewed his orders of battle and discovered he needed more Prussian cavalry and some generals to command them!  He sent an order into Eureka, and I held the army until I could finish these last 31 mounted figures.

5th and 6th Uhlans, 3rd and 6th Dragoons

8th and 9th Hussars, 1st Elbe and 2nd W. Prussian Landwehr

Blucher and His Generals

On Monday I will have pictures of the whole Prussian army.

Monday, June 12, 2017

28mm 16th Lancers

My last little painting interlude before finishing Glenn's armies is this unit, painted for my gaming buddy Kevin.

The figures are all Foundry with lances from North Star.  I made my own pennons from printer paper.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

28mm Confederate Cavalry

While I wait on some figures for Glenn's Prussian army, I attempted a few figures for myself.  I got a great deal on some Foundry Civil War figures, and a part of that deal was this set of 48 Confederate cavalry.

I was a little disappointed that Foundry only has two horse poses, but I think that by varying the horse colors I was able to keep the unit from looking too regular.

You'll notice that none of my Confederate cavalry wears a forage cap or kepi, and none has the yellow cavalry piping on their uniforms.  Look at original (not reproduction) items of Confederate cavalry dress, and you will not find much yellow.  I have only seen a couple of pieces, and only on officers' cuffs.  Since all my officers are wearing riding gloves, I omitted all yellow piping.

I went with a variety of greys and butternuts for these units.  I wanted to portray a veteran cavalry unit with the remains of various uniform issues mixed with some civilian dress.

As always, the flags are from the incomparable GMB Designs.

These 48 horsemen took me eight days to paint and base.  Now if Glenn's figures would just arrive, I would finish those Prussians!  Painting for myself seems unnatural somehow.