Thursday, April 19, 2018

Giant Commission -- More British Cavalry

Here are seven bases of British cavalry.  These figures will allow Glenn to field everything he needs for Little Wars!  If you're attending, please stop by and see the Waterloo game.

1st Dragoon Guards, 2nd Dragoons

11th, 16th, and 13th Light Dragoons

I had to put up pictures of the French without their flags while I waited on an order from GMB Designs.  Here they are, all complete!

French with GMB Flags

All I have left on the giant commission are some casualty figures and Napoleon's command stand.  They will have to wait until after Little Wars!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Giant Commission -- 2nd Nassau, Dutch Militia

These six bases are the last infantry in the collection.  I painted and based them in three days.

2nd Nassau Fusiliers

Dutch Militia

I am working on 21 more British cavalry right now, and Glenn's reinforcements will be complete.  After that the only parts of the commission left are some British casualties and Napoleon's command stand.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Giant Commission -- Last French Infantry, Hanoverian Landwehr

I'm still working to bring Glenn's troop counts up in time for Little Wars.  These 72 foot figures will certainly help!

French Line Infantry Skirmishers

French Light Infantry Skirmishers

Hanoverian Landwehr

Today I start in on another four bases of Nassau infantry and two bases of Dutch militia.  Then all that is left is seven bases of British cavalry.  Can I finish by April 20th?  It will be a near-run thing.