Friday, June 19, 2015

Starting Giant Commission -- French Line Infantry Command and Elites

About a month back, Glenn Drover, for whom I have painted several 28mm armies, emailed to tell me he was selling off his Napoleonics and switching to 15mm.  Would I be interested in taking on the job?  I agreed, and thus I started a project that will take a year or more: all of the Napoleonic Wars combatants with 15mm AB Miniatures, a total of about 3,000 foot, 1,000 horse, and 100 guns.

I started with the French infantry, since their uniform always seems to take me the longest to paint.  Yesterday I put the finishing touches on my first batch of 144 figures.  These are the fusilier command and elite companies.

Eagle Bearers




Voltiguers and Grenadiers

As always, AB Miniatures are a treat to paint.  No one makes better looking figures in any scale.  The flags are from GMB.  I cut away the cast flagpoles, drilled out hands and eagles, and inserted brass rod.

Now I am tackling 211 French fusiliers in one go.