Sunday, August 29, 2010

WWII Commission: SAS Desert Group

Yesterday morning I finished up a small commission of WWII vehicles for a local gamer. The models are all from Company B. They have resin bodies with metal accessories.

The molding on the vehicles was crisp, and the resin was almost free of bubbles. There was some considerable flash which took a while to clean up. I would highly recommend Company B as a source of vehicles for your 28mm WWII armies.

I started the painting by airbrushing Tamiya's "desert yellow" over the vehicles. I then airbrushed Tamiya's "JSDF brown" on the areas of the vehicles that would have had dirt buildup. I finished by airbrushing Tamiya's "buff" very sparing to show the effects of desert dust and sand.

After the Tamiya paints cured for a couple of days, I painted the tire rubber flat black. Next I airbrushed a coat of clear gloss over the vehicles, then applied a wash of burnt umber oil paint. After a few days' drying time, I mixed my own desert yellow from oil paints, then applied a pretty liberal drybrush over each vehicle.

I then mixed a chip color from black and orange oil paints and silver enamel paint. I used a torn sponge to apply chips to areas of the vehicles that would have seen the most wear. Then I moved on to the figures. I block painted the uniforms with Vallejo acrylics, applied another oil wash over the clothing, and picked out the hair and flesh with my usual craft acrylics.


Armored Car

SAS Jeep 1

SAS Jeep 2

Friday, August 20, 2010

ACW Commission: Finished Confederate Bases, Part II

I got the static grass on all the Confederate infantry last night, then glued the rocks on and took photographs this morning. Here are the finished bases. There are 160 figures in 20 units.

And here is the finished Confederate army.

I'll be packing figures for a few days, then this commission is going out in the mail!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

ACW Commission: Finished Confederate Bases, Part I

Last night I got a good start on finishing the Confederate bases. Here are the completed units.

Artillery: 8 guns and 24 crew

Generals: 8 mounted figures

Dismounted Cavalry: 10 men and 2 horses

Mounted Cavalry: 16 mounted figures

Tonight I'll get started on the Confederate infantry. I hope to be all done by tomorrow night.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ACW Commission: Finished Union Bases, Part II

I finished up the rest of the Union army this afternoon. Here are the 22 units of infantry, 176 figures.

The finished Union army is now ready to be packed and shipped.

Tonight I'll start in on the Confederates.