Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 in Review

 Well, that was an interesting year. I said a few times that if you didn't have young children, you didn't fully experience all 2020 had to offer.

My gaming group played one game in February. After the unnamed virus of unspecified origin hit, we did not meet again. I am not sure that we will play in 2021.

I was able to paint 1,800 figures this year, completing three commissions in 2020 and making a good start on two more. Once school let out, however, my painting time dwindled to almost nothing. I was able to talk my children into some fun projects, painting some 1/72 scale Napoleonic figures.

My totals with Analogue Painting Challenge points were as follows:

40mm Foot: 106 (742 points)

40mm Mounted: 2 (30 points)

40mm Guns: 3 (45 points)

28mm Foot: 122 (610 points)

28mm Mounted:14 (140 points)

1/72 Foot: 963 (3,852 points)

1/72 mounted: 155 (1,240 points)

1/72 guns: 12 (96 points)

1/72 horses: 2 (8 points)

15mm Foot: 55 (110 points)

15mm Mounted: 216 (856 points)

15mm Guns: 4 (8 points)

15mm Vehicles: 3 (24 points)

10mm Foot: 94 (94 points)

10mm Mounted: 49 (98 points)

That makes for a total of 7,953 APC points this year, which is actually a 26% INCREASE over last year. That has to be due to the many 1/72 figures I painted with my kids. I included them in my totals this year, but the paint jobs were very rudimentary.

Just for fun, here are my APC point totals for the past 13 years.

2020: 7953

2019: 6285

2018: 5072

2017: 7187

2016: 5086

2015: 4506

2014: 4327

2013: 5456

2012: 5787

2011: 4081

2010: 7167

2009: 4348

2008: 8816

My yearly average has been 5,852 APC points, so this year was 36% above average.

For me personally, 2020 was a great year.

My children are at fun ages, and we made the most of all our free time this year. We hit the beach, went for walks and bike rides, and played baseball. We learned new board games, played old favorites, painted minis together, and played miniature wargames. I am teaching two of my children to play guitar, and they all get daily music listening sessions. I have been watching all the great sci-fi movies with my eldest child.

I was instrumental in keeping my son's school open this year (I serve on the board) and in keeping my church and its preschool open as well (I am the council president). Our neighborhood really came alive this year. As civic events were cancelled, we all bonded together to celebrate in our neighborhood.

I will not venture any predictions for 2021. All I know is that I have two current commissions to finish and two more on deck. Happy New Year!

Monday, December 21, 2020

15mm French Carabiniers

Today I finished these two regiments of carabiniers for John's army. All figures are AB.

1st Carabiniers

2nd Carabiniers

All the Carabiniers


That finishes the French line cavalry. Now I am painting some Polish and Saxon horsemen, and after that I will move on to the French guard cavalry!