Saturday, December 31, 2022

2022 in Review

I was able to commit to much more painting time this year, but all of it was for commissions. I painted a whopping total of six figures for myself all year.

I was able to finish John's large Waterloo armies and ship them to him in Australia. I was also able to paint up a complete Mosaic game set of plastic miniatures for Glenn. I am working on another Mosaic set, after which I have three more commissions lined up.

I have included the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge points in brackets, but I am starting to think that I should start my own method of weighting scales. The Napoleonics I spent eight months painting only account for 38% of my total points. I don't think the points are very accurately reflecting my true production.

2022 Totals

28mm Foot: 6 (30 points)

28mm Board Game:405 (4366 points)

15mm Foot: 880 (1,760 points)

15mm Mounted: 223 (892 points)

15mm Guns: 20 (80 points)

That gives me a total of 7,128 points on the year. I have averaged 5,877 points per year since 2008.

2022: 7,128

2021: 4,965

2020: 7,953

2019: 6,285

2018: 5,072

2017: 7,187

2016: 5,086

2015: 4,506

2014: 4,327

2013: 5,456

2012: 5,787

2011: 4,081

2010: 7,167

2009: 4,348

2008: 8,816

This was the year that my hobby gave way to my business. I got together for games with my group only twice. Last year we met three times. In 2020 we met only once. That's six games in three years, which ... it's not really a gaming group anymore. 

A lot of that is my fault, as I am busier than ever with my kids. They are 14, 11, and 8 years old. All are taking music lessons and playing sports. I drive my two oldest to and from school each day, and I chair the school board. All three regularly catch whatever flu or cold is going through their school, which is a nix for my virus-averse gaming group.

Instead I have been spending much of my free time playing music with a new group of friends. The little gaming that I have done has been board games with my family.

So on that downer of a note, what does 2023 portend? I will strive to finish up the next three commissions and see how I am feeling.