Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blue Moon 18mm Napoleonic Austrian Line Infantry

After three weeks painting Gallic cavalry, I took three days off to paint some of the new Blue Moon Napoleonics. These Austrians are from packs 15NAT-100 and 15NAT-101.

The figures painted up very well and very quickly. I have a pretty good method down for painting Austrians, so that helps, and after painting Gauls with all their individualized checked tartans and checkerboard shirts, it was nice to paint some uniforms!

The Blue Moon figures are very solid sculpts. All the detail is clearly defined, and the figures look great as a unit. I don't think these quite rise to the level of AB Miniatures, but they are definitely give the best bang for the buck.

L-R Minifigs, Blue Moon, Battle Honours, Blue Moon, Old Glory, Blue Moon, Old Glory, Blue Moon, AB

Once the figures are painted and based, any difference in size is not really noticeable. You can open the above image in a new tab or window to get a blown up view, and you'll see that while the Blue Moon figures are taller than any but AB, they should mix well on the table.

Tomorrow I'll be back to painting Gauls, but it was fun to take a brief Napoleonic break.


  1. thank you for your report Scott, The BM 18's Austrians look great wonder if BM 18mm mix in well with 18mm Fantassin Miniaturas/Warmodelling Napoleonic's?

  2. well, I'm sold. Off to buy some Blue Moon reinforcements.


  3. Very nice painting! They look very crisp and clean! I totally agree with you on the comparison photo, its very difficult to tell the difference between the makes.

  4. I do like comparison shots, it allows folk to make their minds up about what to buy.



  5. I also meant to add the comment that I found your earlier comparison shots of old glory 15mm french infantry very useful.

    Keep up the good work Scott!

  6. Loving your work!! it's nice to look back at all your stuff and see how you base things etc. Very useful for me as I'm always struggling with new eras and how many figures per base. Anyway it's nice to see how you do yours, cheers Simon.

  7. Thanks for the photos. I've been working on painting up numerous battalions of Austrians (in helmets) for the past year and a half. I will definitely be adding some Blue Moons to the mix, which presently consists of AB and a few Warmodelling figures thrown in.

  8. Loved that comparison shot of the Austrians. Next time any chance of including some Campaign Games Miniatures and War Modelling, they are also 18mm.

  9. Digmen1, I don't have any figures from either of those lines. Sorry!

  10. how do you get such a nice white as quickly as you do?