Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Giant Commission -- Emperors

First up is a base I had forgotten to photograph with the rest of the Russian guard cavalry.  These are the Guard cossacks.

Glenn wanted some high command stands for Austerlitz and Leipzig.  These will be large vignettes with Alexander I of Russia, Francis II of Austria, and Frederick Wilhelm II of Prussia.

Russian Aides de Camp, Alexander I

Austrian Aides de Camp, Austrian officers

Russian officers, Austrian officers

Francis II, Prussian ADC, Frederick Wilhelm II

Ladies and Gentlemen, this concludes the painting of the Russian army.  I will spend the next week or two basing and packing all the troops.  I will post pictures of the whole army, and then the blog will likely be quiet for a while.

I started this beast in May.  Since then I have painted 682 foot figures, 246 mounted figures, and 25 guns, all to the highest standard.  This was the largest army I will paint for Glenn.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Giant Commission -- Russian Guard Cavalry

I am very close to finishing this army.  These guard cavalrymen are the last fighting figures in the force.  I just have a couple of command stands left to go.

Dragoons of the Guard

Mounted Guards Regiment

Life Guards Regiment

Hussars of the Guard

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Giant Commission -- Russian Hussars

These 33 figures represent all 11 Russian hussar regiments.  I spent a couple of days looking through my sources and compiling regimental colors for all of these, only to find my information duplicated at Blunders on the Danube!  So far as I can tell, Peter is right on with his regimental distinctions.

Soum Hussars

Pavlograd Hussars

Elizabethgrad Hussars 

Alexandria Hussars

Olviopol Hussars 

Isoum Hussars

Akhtyrsk Hussars

White Russia Hussars

 Loubny Hussars

 Grodino Hussars

Marioupol Hussars

Only 15 figures of guard cavalry remain to be painted, although Glenn has added on the Czar and the Austrian emperor, so I will probably include those figures when I ship these off.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Giant Commission -- Russian Uhlans

Here are the latest figures: 18 Russian uhlans in six regiments.

I had some trouble finding reliable sources for the uhlans.  I gather that the Russians did not think much of these troops, who lost more men to desertion than in action.  As best as I can piece together, these are the regimental distinctions.

Uhlan Regiment / Collar / Facings / Buttons / Czapka top and cords / Fanions
Polish / Raspberry / Raspberry / Silver / Dark blue and white / Dark blue over raspberry
Tartars / Dark blue / Raspberry / Silver / Raspberry and white / Raspberry over white
Lithuanian / Dark blue / Raspberry / Silver / White and White / White over dark blue
Tchuguchev / Dark blue / Red / Silver / Red and white / Red over dark blue
Siberian / Red  / Red / Silver / White and red / Yellow over white
Vladimir / Dark blue / Red / Gold / Dark blue and yellow / Yellow over dark blue

Just the hussars and guard cavalry left for this army!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Giant Commission -- Russian Cuirassiers

Glenn's Russian army will have eight regiments of cuirassiers.  I pounded these 24 figures out in just three days.  The sculpts were a treat to paint!

Cuirassier Regiment / Facings
1. Emperor / Light Blue
2. Empress / Lt Crimson
3. Military Order / Black
4. Little Russia / Dk Green / *Flag
5. Gluchov / Blue
6. Ekaterinoslav / Orange
7. Astrakhan / Yellow
8. Novgorod / Pink

The uhlans are primed and ready, and I will start in on them tonight.  Then I just have the hussars and guard cavalry left to do!