Thursday, December 30, 2021

2021 in Review

It is that time of year again, when I total up my Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge points.  Almost all of my painting this year was in service of two commissions, Carl's 40mm ACW armies and John's 15mm Napoleonic French.  I also painted some 28mm colonials for my friend Kevin and some 1/72 plastics with my daughters.  Practically the only figures just for me were four sticks of 6mm ACW.

 40mm Foot: 145 (1,015 points)
40mm Mounted: 7 (105 points)
28mm Foot: 123 (615 points)
28mm Mounted: 2 (20 points)
28mm Guns: 2 (20 points)
1/72 Foot: 182 (728 points)
1/72 mounted: 1 (8 points)
15mm Foot: 865 (1,730 points)
15mm Mounted: 145 (580 points)
15mm Guns: 22 (88 points)
6mm Foot: 112 (56 points)

That gives me a total of 4,965 points on the year, quite a fall-off from last year's 7,953 points.  15mm Napoleonics are demanding, for sure, and that's what I spent most of my time on this year.

2021: 4,965
2020: 7,953
2019: 6,285
2018: 5,072
2017: 7,187
2016: 5,086
2015: 4,506
2014: 4,327
2013: 5,456
2012: 5,787
2011: 4,081
2010: 7,167
2009: 4,348
2008: 8,816

I have been painting 5,788 points per year, on average, so this year is not quite the steep fall-off that it seems.  Still, I would love to get those numbers up in 2022.

Painting is only half of the hobby, of course.  How about gaming sessions?  They were almost non-existent this year.  My group got together three times.  I hope this also improves in 2022, as I miss seeing my friends.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

15mm French Allies Infantry

I finished these figures on Christmas day.  Here we have John's French allies, a regiment each of Saxons and Poles.

Saxon Infantry Regiment Prinz Anton

Polish 2nd Infantry Regiment


These were the final two units for John's French army.  It is complete!  I will try to get some photos of the whole army before the new year.  Then it is time to tackle John's Anglo-Allied army, an equally large task!

Sunday, December 12, 2021

15mm French Line Infantry

These 252 French line infantry are ready for John's army!  All figures are an the Bardin uniform.  I always lavish a bit of extra care on French line infantry because they will appear on every single battlefield.  I make sure to include all the piping, two tone facings, and so on.  This is the best I can paint.

This force has six battalions of 42 figures each.  These images may get repetitive, but you should be able to get a good look at every single figure.  As always with AB Miniatures, some of the bayonets needed a reinforcing drop of epoxy.

All that remains for John's French army: a battalion each of Poles and Saxons.