Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1/72 Civil War Armies for Sale EDIT: SOLD!

I'm unlikely ever to game with these armies again, so on to the selling block they go.

These are 1/72 scale American Civil War armies. Figures are a mix of plastic and metal. I have most of them based on 60mm bases for De Bellis Civilus, but you can base them for whatever rules you like.

These figures have seen hard service, and there is some breakage (especially flags) and paint flaking. Nothing too severe, though. If you don't mind spending a weekend touching the figures up and rebasing them, you'll have two complete armies to play with.

There are a total of 333 foot figures, 26 mounted figures, and 9 guns. Email me at smacphee at frontierdotcom if you're interested.

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