Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gallic Cavalry

These figures took a long time to finish, but at last the latest piece of Glenn's commission is done. These are four units of Gallic cavalry.

Half of the figures are Renegade, and the other half are from a variety of sources, mounted on Front Rank horses. I sculpted saddle blankets for the Front Rank horses, and I think the mounts are much improved.


  1. Fabulous work! The plaids look great. Best, Dean

  2. Excellent work indeed - they will really stand out on the tabletop.

  3. Nice work on the correct style of Gallic plaids for the clothing. Well done.

  4. Simply perfection.
    Really nice.

    I mistyped when I said 'frontline miniatures' for the horses.
    It's actually Front Rank.

  5. The first two units are Renegade and the second two are A&A Miniatures riders on Front Rank Napoleonic horses (with great saddle cloths by Scott).

  6. Hey, Just found a very cool artist site. The artist does original Punic War/ Pyrric War art in a graphic novel style. Pretty neat stuff: