Sunday, July 22, 2012

Roman Velites

I'm sorry for the lack of recent posts, but they should come at a good pace now.  With the deadline for finishing my 2nd Punic War commission fast approaching, I decided to paint all 188 Roman foot soldiers in one big group.  I primed the figures in early June, took my family on a much needed vacation, and started painting again once we returned, on June 15th.  So over the past five weeks I have painted 188 28mm figures to my highest standard.  I haven't had much time for blog posts!

Here are the first fruits of my most recent labors: 24 Roman velites, all from Aventine.  Spears are from North Star, shield transfers are from Little Big Men Studios, and bases are Litko.

Aventine Miniatures are simply the best for this period, and every swinging phallus in Glenn's Roman army is from Aventine.  Soak it in, gamers, and buy Aventine!

This was the only shield that did not fit the transfers.  I had to do a little trimming.

I like that the majority of the velites do not wear a wolf's head, but enough do that these clearly scream "Romans!"

Aventine has enough variety in their poses that these units can really look like skirmishers, with no two like poses in any unit.

I drilled out the spear hands on some figures so that they could have a spare javelin.

As soon as the glue dries on the rest of the figures, I'll have some more pictures to share.  Now I have bases to flock for 578 foot figures, 111 mounted figures, and 4 elephants.


  1. Love the figures.
    Love the paint job.
    Love the phallus joke. ;-)

    Thanks for the extra work of drilling ut the shield hand to insert extra javalins.

    Aventine figures are spectacular. The quality an ddiversity of the line drove me to want these armies. I'm only disappointed that they did not offer (yet) very many troops for the Punic armies.

    Great work Scott!

  2. Very nice unit so far, your customer should be happy. And indeed, Aventine is the way to go when interested in fielding an early Roman army (and in my view they are perfectly fine for fighting in the Punic Wars…).


  3. Very nice work, and fast, too!


  4. Now that's a lot of figures to do! Very well done and I agree Aventine do make the best figures for the periods they do!


  5. Scott,

    You undersold youself on this one. You said 24 Velites, but its really 28 velites. ;-)