Wednesday, January 1, 2014

More 1:72 Achaean Foot

Here are the rest of the Achaean foot, finished yesterday.  There are eight archers in two poses and two heroes on circular bases.

Achaean Warband

I have four chariots to add to these armies.  I spent yesterday assembling them.  Tomorrow I'll prime them, then try to knock them out before the weekend is over.


  1. Great looking Bronze Agers, Scott. Amazing stuff in 1/72nd. Stuff I could only dream of back when I was I kid and could only use a hot knife on Airfix Romans to make Trojan War figs. Best, Dean

  2. Yes, I am surprised how much is available in 1:72 these days. It's tempting to take a major plunge, especially since foot figures cost about $.17 apiece.

  3. Very well done. Owning a large collection of 28mm Foundry and Redoubt Mycenaeans myself, it's nice to see this fascinating topic covered in 20mm as well.

    Cheers, SG

  4. Very nice.
    I especially like the heroes.

  5. I love these Scott. Did you use prime them with a flexi-glue of some wort before painting?