Thursday, May 1, 2014

More 18mm Blue Moon Rebel Infantry

I spent most of April painting these 120 figures.

I changed my style a bit on those hats, opting for two tone shading instead of my usual drybrush over black.

The Blue Moon figures certainly reward the extra time spent in painting two tones on everything.

I went with more butternuts and browns on these figures.  They have some greys, but not many.

I have read some people complaining that the figures are too large to fit on standard 1" x 3/4" bases.  These bases are 25mm by 15mm, smaller than the standard bases, and the figures fit just fine.  It is snug, but I like that look for massed ranks.

I have another 180 of these figures to prep.  Soon I will be able to play most scenarios with nothing but Blue Moon rebels.


  1. Beautiful work as always Scott! I love looking at your work.

  2. So you normally drybrush the colors on over black? I always thought you used more of a Kevin Dallimore technique and painted the colors on over black, leaving black in the folds and at "junctions" to leave a black-line. How do you get the colors so bright - multiple drybrushes? Really thick paint?

  3. Dave, in the past I just used the drybrush on the hats. This time I used the Dallimore technique on the hats as well.

  4. Love the new technique. Important since the hats are the most visible feature on these figures from above the table.