Monday, July 7, 2014

Even More 18mm Blue Moon Rebel Infantry

I painted up six packs of Blue Moon rebels in one go so that I could have six figures of each pose.  That way I could really whip through the figures, as I glue six figures to each popsicle stick.

This gives me 60 more bases to add to the 40 bases I had finished last month.


  1. Good God, man! That many figures in one batch is insane.

    Well done!

  2. Sweet! You are a painting machine, Scott. Are these for Fire and Fury or have you got a Longstreet campaign coming?

  3. These are really pretty. I don't really know much about historical figures and wargames but I do know miniatures. These are excellent.

  4. As usual, your figures look superb. While it is common for ACW gamers (and especially reenactors) to mix together lots of different uniforms, we should be reminded that this was not always the case. Confederate units were issued new uniforms from the various depots pretty consistently. These uniforms would generally be of a uniform character (dark grey, light grey, brownish jean wool, etc), rather than the mishmash of colors we see so often today. Included in the uniform issues were kepis, which is another item that is woefully under-represented. I've written Russ at Old Glory and pleaded with him to issue a few packs of Confederates in kepis (referencing the famous Troiani painting of the 1st MD at Gettysburg), but to no avail.