Thursday, March 30, 2017

Giant Commission -- Prussian Line Infantry

I have spent March finishing a big chunk of Glenn's Prussian army.  He will have 288 line infantry, 288 landwehr, and 36 jager.  These are the 288 line, all 12 Prussian regiments as they appeared from 1812-5.  Each regiment has two bases of musketeers, one of fusiliers, and one of grenadiers.

1st (1st E. Prussian) Infantry Regiment

2nd (1st Pomeranian) Infantry Regiment

3rd (2nd E. Prussian) Infantry Regiment

4th (3rd E. Prussian) Infantry Regiment

5th (4th E. Prussian) Infantry Regiment

6th (1st W. Prussian) Infantry Regiment

7th (2nd W. Prussian) Infantry Regiment

8th Infantry Regiment, Foot Guards

9th "Leib" (Brandenburg) Infantry Regiment

10th (2nd Pomeranian) Infantry Regiment

11th (1st Silesian) Infantry Regiment

12th (2nd Silesian) Infantry Regiment

I have already started on the landwher.  Hopefully they will not take another four weeks!


  1. Nice work, Scott! Are you seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on this massive project?

    1. Just one more army after this one!

    2. I'm hoping that Scott will tackle French allied nations as well.
      Polish (GDW), Saxon, Bavarian, Baden/ Wurttemberg, Westphalian, and Italian. I really like the 1813 campaign, and these are really necessary to do those battles.
      These are smaller contingents vs. the major nations of course, so all together they would equal one big army.

  2. Really nice. Wondering what size bases you are using for the infantry, cavalry and artillery?


    1. The infantry and cavalry on on a 40mm frontage and 25mm depth. The artillery are on a 40mm frontage by 30mm depth.

  3. Superb...and very impressive!

  4. Love these! They are so perfect.