Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Giant Commission -- British Light Infantry

Glenn's Waterloo army will have two British light infantry battalions: the 51st and 52nd Foot.

52nd Foot

To make these look a little different, I painted them with buff straps.  My sources are mixed on whether the 52nd Foot actually wore their buff accoutrements at Waterloo.

51st Foot

As you can see, I painted up all Glenn's skirmishers as coming from the 51st Foot.  On the day of the battle, they were not heavily engaged.

Now I am making my way through 90 Hanoverian infantrymen.  After that, I only have the 95th Rifles left for the British infantry.


  1. These are magnificent!

    ...and you are a painting machine!

    1. Thanks, Glenn! We are now at one square foot of British.

  2. Fine, fine, work, Scott! Your basing looks especially eye-popping with these figures. I may need a tutorial on your basing scheme. It looks great.

    1. It's coming up! I am working on a painting and basing post right now.