Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Minuteman Miniatures Arrive!

Last night a box arrived at my door: a small box with big contents.  My vanity miniatures from Minuteman Miniatures are here!

28mm Mounted French Colonel, Viking, Roman, WWII American; 18mm Mounted French Colonel
I will probably try a few different painting techniques on the faces to see which provides the better likeness, but I am impressed with how much these figures really do look like me.  I can always use these sculpts to fantasize about how I would look without my "gamer's physique!"

Trimming the Scaffolding

The scaffolding certainly kept the figures intact during shipment.  It is a pain to cut away, but with some sprue cutters and a little patience, I was able to clean up these 18mm figures without breaking anything.  I remember that Mike and GP were wary about printing figures so small, but I am happy to report that these are robust enough for gaming!

"Ney, why don't you head for the rear and calm down. I'll take things from here."
As you can see, the 18mm figures match AB just about perfectly.  I will soon take command of some French troops!

I'll have these painted up fairly soon.  I know I do not usually post about UN painted figures, but I am super excited about these!


  1. I look forward to seeing these!

    As for trying different painting techniques on the faces, how about painting them in your usual fashion and then painting YOUR face to match?

  2. Very nice sculpts, Scott I'd never seen "scaffolding" before. Looks intense :)

    1. Cleanup was less than five minutes per figure. It really wasn't bad, but I had to take my time to keep the smaller pieces from breaking off.

  3. No hat or helmets, just a crewcut, those figgies will be easy to spot!