Wednesday, February 27, 2019

6mm Union Cavalry and Generals

Here are the last of my 6mm figures, at least until I can get another order in.  These are 45 mounted Union cavalrymen and 15 mounted Union generals.  All figures are from Baccus.

This was a fun little project.  I had planned to paint enough figures to game Shiloh using the "Altar of Freedom" rules.  I should be able to get the fellows interested in a game for the anniversary.  If we like the rules, I think I will place an order for more of these figures.


  1. Lovely work Scott. I believe 6mm is the ideal scale for gaming.

  2. You do an amazing job on your 6', Scotts. Personally, I think going up a notch to 10 mm makes a big improvement, but as I own virtually nothing but 25's, my opinion in this regard is little account anyway! :-)

    1. I like the 10s too. Jon has HUGE armies of them, so I haven't felt the need to paint many myself!